Mr Bees daily maths tasks – a success across UK schools

A picture of Mr Bee's Daily Maths tasks on a digital signage screen at the BETT education show

In January, we had an awesome new addition to the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue, ‘Mr Bee’s daily maths tasks’, which became available to schools across the UK! The maths tasks are a fantastic way to help students develop their numeracy skills and to gain confidence by encouraging them to solve mathematical problems. With KS1 and KS2 content available to add to your digital signage, it’s a great way to keep students engaged and learning outside of the classroom.

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Why we love Mr Bee

Created by teacher John Bee in 2019, ‘Mr Bee’ has developed an inspiring collection of resources over the last few years. He has been sharing his educational knowledge by releasing books, subscription packages and designing content that can be used at school or at home. So when the opportunity came about, TrilbyTV were more than excited to work with John to get the Mr Bee daily maths tasks on signage screens in schools through the Content Catalogue!

A picture of a Mr Bee slide from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

Customer reaction

It’s excellent news when we hear that our content is making an impact, Dan Oakes, Headteacher at St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy in Royal Wootton Bassett told us,

“It’s fascinating to see and hear some of the conversations that take place when the children see the content appearing on the screens around school. The Mr Bee’s Daily Maths slides are a great example of the power of the marginal gains that you get through TrilbyTV. A platform that enables you to continually keep displays fresh, vibrant and relevant.”

“Students will happily spend time engaging with the maths questions, discussing possible answers and improving their own maths ability in their own time. As a Headteacher it’s great to walk past students having a discussion around the content on show and engage with their understanding of different maths concepts.”

A picture of Mr Bee Tasks on a corridor screen at St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy in Royal Wootton Bassett

Hearing about how the students are getting involved and engaged with the digital content is such a rewarding feeling for the TrilbyTV team and our Content Catalogue partners. It’s great to find out how much of an impact our partnerships are having with interactivity and building whole school communication.

Adding ‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ to your digital signage

Adding the content to your screens couldn’t be easier! When logged into your TrilbyTV account, click below to add the ‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ to your digital signage. With just a few simple clicks, you can get great content onto your feed which will then begin playing on your screens.

The tasks included are a brilliant way to get students thinking about and solving mathematical problems in an interactive way. The daily tasks encourage students to solve arithmetic questions, gain a better understanding of mathematical vocabulary and develop their reasoning. Click below to try it out!

Add Mr Bee Key Stage 1
KS1 Daily maths tasks

Add Mr Bee Key Stage 2
KS2 Daily maths tasks

Media response

We received great media coverage across the education and tech sectors regarding the partnership, which included a piece in The Educator UK. Reflecting on the write-ups, customer responses and seeing the overall reaction to the content we received, is always a useful way for us to refine our platform and continue sourcing educational material that engages the TrilbyTV user.

Ultimately keeping students inspired via content on digital signage will always be our main priority. Having partnerships which help us achieve this is a dream come true and we are so happy that the reaction has been positive. We have plenty more in store for you, so keep checking back to see our awesome updates!

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