Vocabulary Ninja brings Word of the Day to your signage

A picture of the Vocabulary Ninja word of the day, now available on TrilbyTV

Vocabulary Ninja’s word of the day is now included in the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue! Launched by teacher and best-selling author Andrew Jennings three years ago, the Vocabulary Ninja aims to improve the levels of understanding and confidence of pupils as well as Key Stage 2 outcomes through reading and vocabulary. For us at TrilbyTV it’s great to work with people who really make a difference when it comes to learning. This is why we were really keen to partner with Andrew and the Vocabulary Ninja team!

A picture from the TrilbyTV content catalogue which is our latest software development.

Now all of our education customers can add the Vocabulary Ninja’s “Word of the Day” to their screens via the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue. Our Content Catalogue works as if you had added the content yourself. You can add or remove slides, edit times and dates, as well as add your information to the mix.

Add the Vocabulary Ninja Word of the Day

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, then click here to add the slides to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get their great content onto your feed so it starts playing on your screens.

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Embraced by schools nationwide

Customers have already been utilising the Vocabulary Ninja’s content. Executive Head at Dordon and Wood End Primary Schools, Moira Cross told us,

“We loved drawing children’s attention to Vocabulary Ninja’s word of the day ‘berate’ on our screens. Staff adding the word to word walls was the icing. Seeing children use it…the cherry on the top!”

A picture of a tv screen showing the Vocabulary Ninja's word of the day "prolong"

The Vocabulary Ninja “Word of the day” is a fantastic way to get students thinking about literacy. Use the word as inspiration for a creative writing lesson. Or challenge your pupils to include the word in a piece of work. You could have some fun seeing who can weave the word of the day naturally into a conversation. The Word of the day works well on any screen, but if you have a digital display in your library area it would be a great content item to share there.

Vocabulary Ninja has lots of resources available on their brand spanking new website which is well worth checking out. Access to all resources starts at just £20.

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