WWF Facts now available for school digital signage screens

Over the past twelve months the team at TrilbyTV have been working hard to get more amazing, high quality content into our content catalogue. We’ve developed some brilliant partnerships with the likes of Vocabulary Ninja and Britannica with their ‘World Facts’ slides attracting plenty of media coverage across both the education and tech sectors.

With so many amazing partners you’d think that it would be pretty hard for us to keep this up. Well, guess what, we’ve got another awesome edition to the Content Catalogue! TrilbyTV is proud to announce that ‘WWF Facts’ are now available.

A WWF slide of a chimp which is available via the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

The new partnership will bring facts from the globally recognised Worldwide Fund for Nature to school digital signage nationwide. All TrilbyTV customers can now access ‘WWF Facts’, which shows one of 42 stunning images each week and alternates between five different wildlife and ecology facts. It’s great to expand students’ understanding of conservation and for using as starter topics in biology and other eco studies.

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Why we love WWF

WWF is the world’s largest conservation organisation, working in more than 100 countries. They’re determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover, focusing on over 3,000 conservation projects globally. Putting nature first, they work to ensure that our food system is sustainable, while taking on the climate crisis and protecting the animals’ habitats. The TrilbyTV team are all passionate about the environment. Some of the team took part in the Great British September Clean, which also had some fantastic slides within our Content Catalogue.

A picture of a fish on a coral reef from WWF

One member of the TrilbyTV team that is particularly excited about the new WWF partnership is TrilbyTV Director, Neil Emery,

“How can you partner with WWF and not be excited? They are one of the most recognised organisations in the world. How fantastic that our education customers will be able to share and showcase this beautiful content in their schools. Content focused on important subjects such as Polar Regions, Oceans and Climate Change. From someone who has visited the Amazon Rainforest a number of times, I absolutely know the importance of educating the next generation to look after this planet we live on.”

A picture of a Panda in the wild from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

WWF-UK Primary Education Officer, Amy Ball added,

“We are delighted to be able to work with TrilbyTV and their wonderful digital signage in schools. At WWF-UK we believe that a connection to nature is crucial for our younger generations as experiencing the nature around them can improve wellbeing and empower young people to take action to protect our amazing planet.

This WWF slide pack is full of fantastic wildlife facts from across the globe to inspire curiosity in the natural world. It’s packed with up to date scientific information on environmental issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss and deforestation, as well as simple tips on how we can all make planet-friendly choices. This partnership with TrilbyTV will bring these important topics into schools across the UK, increasing pupil’s environmental awareness and encouraging young people to fight for our planet at the time when it needs it most!”

A picture of a wind turbine that is ready to add to schools digital signage screens nationwide

Add ‘WWF Facts’ to your digital signage

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, [click here] to add the ‘WWF Facts’ to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get this great content onto your feed, so it starts playing on your screens.

‘WWF Facts’ is a fantastic way to get students thinking about Biology. You can use the facts to inspire pupils to think about conservation, the environment and even include a fact in a piece of work. The ‘WWF Facts’ work well on any screen, but if you have a digital display in your Science or humanities department, it would be an excellent content item to share there.

A picture of a Walrus in the snow from WWF

If you are not already using TrilbyTV, then set up a 30 day trial today and you can check out the ‘WWF Facts’ and other amazing content, as well as trying out the number one digital signage platform made for education in your school.

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