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A picture from the TrilbyTV content catalogue which is our latest software development.

Helping to keep your signage current and up-to-date.

Here at TrilbyTV, we are so lucky to have very active and inspirational customers who love to keep their school digital screens looking fresh. With only so many hours in the day we know this is a challenge, that’s why we created the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue.

Included as part of our education subscription, just login and you’ll see the catalogue icon on the left of your screen. Tapping this gives you access to the collection of content. All beautifully designed for digital signage to excite and engage your pupils, students, staff and visitors.

How our Content Catalogue works

Our Content Catalogue works as if you had added the content yourself. You can add or remove content, edit times and dates, and add your information to the mix. When you check out the content catalogue you’ll see it’s only one simple tap to copy this great content onto your feed so it starts playing on your screens. We’ve not made all this content ourselves, instead, we’ve turned to those who know best and asked a range of organisations to provide content around their specialisms. Nothing is pushed to screens until you tag it and approve it, just as if you had added it yourself.

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So what content is available?

We work with a wide range of organisations including; RodocodoWWFChildnet, Keep Britain Tidy, Britannica Digital Learning, Vocabulary Ninja, NetSupport, Pobble, Fuse School and Sport Relief. Here’s a taster of what’s available;

‘Rodocodo Learn to Code’ posters

Rodocodo is the revolutionary fun game that helps teach primary school children how to code. Their ‘Learn to Code’ posters introduce the core concepts of coding to school digital signage nationwide. All TrilbyTV customers can now access ‘Rodocodo Learn to Code’ posters, which shows 9 real-life examples that your pupils will recognise. They are a fantastic way to get students to think like coders, teaching children the science of solving problems (Computational Thinking) without them realising. This helps to develop their skills and confidence to solve problems on their own.

‘WWF Facts’

A picture of a Panda in the wild from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

From the globally recognised World Wide Fund for Nature comes ‘WWF Facts’, which includes 42 stunning ecology and wildlife images and over 200 related facts . All TrilbyTV customers can access the content which changes daily to keep your signage looking fresh. It’s great to expand students’ understanding of conservation and for using as starter topics in biology and other eco studies.

Britannica’s ‘World Facts’

A slide showing Hungary from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

Our partnership with Britannica Digital Learning brings ‘World Facts’ to digital signage screens in schools. The facts show a country, capital, population and one of five country-specific facts every day. It’s great to expand students’ understanding of the world and for using as starter topics in geography.

The Vocabulary Ninja’s ‘Word of the Day’

A picture of the Vocabulary Ninja word of the day, now available on TrilbyTV

The Vocabulary Ninja aims to improve the levels of understanding and confidence of pupils as well as Key Stage 2 outcomes through reading and vocabulary. “Word of the day” from The Vocabulary Ninja is a fantastic way to get students thinking about literacy. Use the word as inspiration for a creative writing lesson. Or challenge your pupils to include the word in a piece of work. The ‘Word of the day’ works well on any screen, but if you have a digital display in your library area it would be a great content item to share there.

Black Pioneers slides

A picture of Martin Luther King JR, part of a series of slides created by TrilbyTV to use on digital signage screens highlighting black pioneers

We have a fantastic variety of slides showing Black Pioneers via our Content Catalogue. The individuals featured on our slides are from all over the world, as well as a few British pioneers. Each time the content loads you’ll see one of 40 inspirational individuals. They appear along with a brief description of their pioneering achievements. We hope this will encourage pupils to research and subsequently explore more about these key figures in global history.

Downloading content

Some content can be downloaded to edit. For example, when Sport Relief week is coming up – as well as a slideshow about the campaign, the guys at Sport Relief have produced an easy to edit PowerPoint file for you to add your event notices. Just download, edit and drag back to TrilbyTV.

We’ll occasionally send you a notification if new content is available and may be relevant. We would also love to hear from you if you have suggestions for other content you would like to see. We hope that this content will inspire you and your students to generate great content for your school digital signage screens.

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