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Why TribyTV

Building a digital signage platform for education is, and always will be, our focus. We continually work with our community to design and implement the features they require.

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TrilbyTV Digital Signage Screen and User Interface

Success in our community

Universal American School – community, tailored content and ownership

We were really proud when the Universal American School based in Dubai, joined our community. Here's how they've been utilising TrilbyTV!

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A “really easy” TrilbyTV setup at Edinburgh Academy

Edinburgh Academy found TrilbyTV's digital signage software really easy to setup. Take a look at how they utilised our unlimited screen plan.

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Need a digital signage screen? Why not re-issue an old iMac!

We went to visit Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) who have been using TrilbyTV's digital signage software for just over a year.

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TrilbyTV Digital Signage book a demo with Neil Emery

Why us

TrilbyTV is built by people who understand and work in education. We keep it simple to add and manage content so even the busiest school can have up to date screens.

With over 25 years of edtech experience, we kept noticing when delivering training that legacy signage platforms were not fit for purpose. They were never built with education in mind. Too many screens turned off or playing irrelevant and uninspiring content.

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TrilbyTV's Impact

TrilbyTV from both an ICT & teaching perspective

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Showcasing digital content – Chris Wood Under the Hat

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John Jones at RGS Worcester talks digital signage

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TrilbyTV Digital Signage book a demo

The guide to effective digital signage in education

This guide looks at where signage can have the most impact and gives you some ideas to try out in your setting.

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TrilbyTV highlighting black pioneers with slides for signage

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Digital signage to reinforce the message for education

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8 ways to celebrate success at school on digital signage screens

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Get set up in less than 10 minutes, no payment details required.

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