Mr Bee and TrilbyTV ​bring daily maths tasks to digital signage

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Mr Bee has landed in the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue, bringing daily maths tasks to schools across the UK! From today, all TrilbyTV customers can now access ‘Mr Bee’s Daily Maths Tasks’, adding to an already epic education line-up that includes; Vocabulary Ninja, Rodocodo, Britannica and WWF.

A picture from the TrilbyTV content catalogue which is our latest software development.

Why we love Mr Bee

Mr Bee was created by John Bee in 2019. Being a practicing classroom teacher, he needed resources that were intelligently designed to draw attention to particular mathematical structures. Once John had created a fantastic variety of resources, he started sharing them and since then Mr Bee has gone from strength to strength, releasing books and developing subscription packages – not just for schools and teachers but parents too! John told us what he set out to achieve when he created Mr Bee Daily Tasks,

“My aim is to make maths make sense for all children. The Daily Tasks are carefully designed to link arithmetic and a concept. They often use variation theory (seeing what changes and remains the same), so children may make mathematical links and connections. The use of stem sentences allows children to practice key mathematical vocabulary and develop their reasoning.”

A daily maths task which you can add to your digital signage screen

Helping even more children master maths

Summarising what partnering with TrilbyTV meant to him, John had this to say,

“I am thrilled that even more people will be able to make maths make sense with the help of TrilbyTV.”

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TrilbyTV’s Neil Emery, is also particularly excited about this new and exciting partnership,

“Digital Signage isn’t just about screens on walls and delivering information. For TrilbyTV it’s about inspiring young people, showcasing their achievements, while helping reinforce their learning. That’s why our content collaborations with those such as Mr Bee Teach are so important to support the next generation’s learning, utilising school digital signage screens.”

A maths puzzle from Mr. Bee for schools to add to their digital signage screens

Add ‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ to your digital signage

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, click below to add the ‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ to your digital signage. It’s just one simple tap to get this great content onto your feed, so it starts playing on your screens.

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KS1 Daily maths tasks

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KS2 Daily maths tasks

‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ are a fantastic way to help students master maths and solve problems. It develops their skills and confidence to solve problems on their own.

If you are not already using TrilbyTV, then set up a 30 day trial today and you can check out the ‘Mr Bee Daily Maths Tasks’ and other amazing content, as well as trying out the number one digital signage platform made for education in your school.

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