Britannica and TrilbyTV bring ‘World Facts’ to schools

A slide showing different flags lined up from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

TrilbyTV is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Britannica Digital Learning! The new partnership will bring ‘Britannica World Facts’ to school digital signage nationwide. All TrilbyTV customers can now access World Facts, which shows a country, capital, population and one of five country-specific facts every day. It’s great to expand students’ understanding of the world and for use as starter topics in geography.

About Britannica World Facts, Digital Learning

Britannica is the oldest English-language general encyclopaedia which was first published in 1768. Evolving over time they are now leading providers of digital learning products producing the same high quality, valuable content in newer, more modern formats. This includes daily videos, images, and other learning aids, in various online products designed for learners of all ages. Britannica’s aim is to empower learners in their education, offering trusted content and information that they can rely on.

A slide showing Hungary from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

An influential force within education

For 250 years Britannica has collaborated with experts, scholars, educators, designers and specialists which makes it an absolute honour to have a partnership with such an influential force within education. TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery, had this to say on the partnership,

“I’m so excited to be partnering with Britannica for our latest content catalogue offering. Growing up as a young person, my Mum and Dad had a full set of encyclopedias that I found so interesting and often used to support my homework. I have no doubt our World Facts content will provide the exact same inspiration for pupils I gained all those years ago”.

A slide showing Egypt from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

Britannica Head of UK Sales, Emma Lamb added,

“Britannica Digital are excited to be working with TrilbyTV.

I first discovered TrilbyTV when I was sitting in a school reception, waiting for a presentation with the Head. Usually, there is a screen in reception that is either turned off and gathering dust or occasionally the news may be on.

In this case, I was pleasantly surprised that I was entertained by what the school was up to, sports days, interviews, blogs, award days, announcements, and in between all this, the screen intermittently showcased publishers’ content.

I made a mental note to get in touch with TrilbyTV as I very much wanted to see if we could get involved and appear on the 1000’s of screens in schools across the UK and EMEA.”

A slide showing Nigeria from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

The TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

Now all of our education customers can add Britannica’s ‘World Facts’” to their screens via the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue. Our Content Catalogue works as if you had added the content yourself. You can add or remove slides, edit times and dates, and add your information to the mix.

A slide showing India from Britannica from the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue

Add “World Facts” to your digital signage

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, click here to add the slides to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get their great content onto your feed, so it starts playing on your screens.

Britannica’s ‘World Facts’ is a fantastic way to get students thinking about Geography. You can use the facts to inspire pupils to think about the World around them. Get your pupils to include the country in a piece of work, where they can find out more fun and interesting facts. The ‘World Facts’ work well on any screen, but if you have a digital display in your Geography or Humanities department, it would be an excellent content item to share there.

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