Google Slides on Apple TV and Calendar Schedules are here!

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At TrilbyTV, we love to develop new features, especially when they are requested by our customers. Digital signage in education has often been achieved with a commercial product that is not designed around the requirements of schools. The team has been hard at work over the last few months completing a number of new features that we know will make our software even easier to use in education. We hope you like them, and as always, we’re on hand to offer support if you’d like to learn more, whether that’s through a demo, chat, or email.

Calendar Schedules

Our player schedules already offer the ability to pick times of the day and days of the week to show specific content, making it easy to display relevant content on specific days. We’ve enhanced that now to allow you to run between specific dates and times. This allows you to play a specific set of content, at a certain time on your screens, making it easy to set up content for one-off events such as an upcoming National Teacher Celebration Day. Schedules can be copied to different players and duplicated to multiple players. Once the schedule has run, it will disappear automatically, so there is no need to go back and delete anything.

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Using Schedules

To create a schedule go to the Player Dashboard and click the Edit icon next to the player you want to run the schedule on. Click the Add Schedule button. You can then choose a start and finish time along with the Category, Playlist, or Single item you would like to display at these times. You have the option to repeat the schedule on certain days of the week and also to Limit or Shuffle the content items to playback.

Remember to click Save.

You can create as many schedules as you like – when a schedule isn’t set the player will revert to Default playback.

A TrilbyTV calendar schedule example

Google Slides on Apple TV

Our Apple TV TrilbyTV users will be happy to hear that our new Web Content update means that Google Slides can be shown on your TrilbyTV Players running Apple TV! When the new Apple TV option is switched on, your Google Slides presentations are converted to an image slideshow to show on your screen. You can set how regularly it refreshes (default 24 hours) or toggle quickly to trigger a refresh and ensure that your screens are up to date. You can clone this content quickly and copy it to multiple sites.

So there are TrilbyTV’s awesome new updates. As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can make TrilbyTV even better, just give us a shout!

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