Showbie’s Hybrid learning around the World comes to TrilbyTV

A picture of Jamie from Showbie at the Bett education show, next to a screen showing their content

The team at TrilbyTV are excited to introduce our latest partnership with ‘Showbie’, the easy to use educational app! This collaboration brings some awesome new language slides to our Content Catalogue, which contains ready-to-go digital signage content from key educational partners, including; Vocabulary Ninja, WWF, Britannica, to name a few.

Showbie content on the TrilbyTV content catalogue

Showbie’s new Hybrid learning around the World content is a fantastic way to get students to learn about different languages by showing short, easy to remember words and phrases. As the content automatically switches between different countries, students will be able to pick up bite sized pieces of information to expand their foreign language vocabulary. You can have this fantastic content on your school’s digital signage screens in a few simple steps.

How to add Showbie’s Hybrid learning around the World – Languages to your digital signage

When logged into your TrilbyTV account, click below to add the language slides to your digital signage via the Content Catalogue. It’s a quick and easy process to get great content onto your digital signage feed.

Add Showbie
Hybrid learning around the World

Showbie’s accessible platform to improve digital learning

Showbie is an online learning platform that creates an interactive digital classroom that’s easily accessible. Keeping structures and features straightforward helps manage classroom workflow by using an array of built-in tools, even including fun features such as voice notes and emojis. By hybrid learning on any device, work can be scheduled, progress on assignments viewed and even graded. Timely notifications are available to keep up to date with what’s happening as a team online, work can even be shared with parents so that everyone can be in the know. You can find out more about Showbie and its awesome features here.

Collaborative digital partnerships that help support education

Having Showbie partner with TrilbyTV allows us to combine our easy to use digital signage solution to integrate digital learning into schools. Laura Masyk, Brand manager at Showbie is excited for the partnership,

“Showbie is looking forward to partnering with TrilbyTV to bring fresh content to school TVs across the UK and EMEA. We’ve been friends of TrilbyTV for some time and it’s such an engaging way to share important information, resources and fun content with your school community. We hope you enjoy learning about languages from Showbie teachers and students around the world.”

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Neil Emery, TrilbyTV Director added,

“Our friendship with Showbie dates back over 10 years. As education trainers, we needed a simple mechanism to show teachers the power of digital technology. Showbie is that mechanism and its ease of use was certainly in our minds when developing TrilbyTV. To be partnering with Showbie on our latest Content Catalogue offering is a very proud moment indeed.”

TrilbyTV Director, Neil Emery speaking with an attendee at the Bett education Show in front of some digital signage screens

It’s now easier than ever before to upload new content, and with our support we’ll hold your hand throughout the process. Building whole school communication is at the core of TrilbyTVs’ ethos and having such great partnerships with other apps help us grow an amazing community that supports each other. If you haven’t signed up already click here to start a free 30 day trial to try out our easy to use digital signage platform and explore our fantastic content!


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