Webinar on building whole school communication with TrilbyTV

Webinar on building whole school communication with TrilbyTV TrilbyTVTrilbyTV Director, Neil Emery will be hosting a webinar on the 5th May as part of a wide range of events being run by Academia with its partners.

With the majority of UK schools already having some form of digital signage in place, coupled with over 700K interactive classroom screens, we have a large blank canvas for communication. The event is free for anyone to join and is perfect for anyone interested in building whole-school communication, especially departmental staff and senior leaders with an IT focus. People from Further and Higher Education establishments are more than welcome.

Neil will be joined by an exciting panel of experienced educators who understand the importance of communication, where time-critical information needs to be updated almost instantly and strong and positive communities created through the sharing and showcasing of daily success.

Special guests joining Neil

Dan Oakes

Headteacher – St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy, Strategic Digital Lead DSAT

John Jones

Director of Innovation – RGS Worcester Family of Schools

Chris Wood

Digital Lead – Portsmouth College

Gavin Smart

Strategic Lead for Digital Learning – Clevedon Learning Trust

The webinar will cover the importance of planning and setting baseline expectations with an understanding that successful digital signage is all about screen placement, viewer profile and tailored content. Also covered will be the topic of digital signage beyond the classroom, including embedding content into learning platforms and live streaming.

These events generally have limited places available so our advice is that you register as soon as possible, before they sell out.

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About TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV, created in 2015, is the number one digital signage platform made for education. Founders Ben Stanley & Neil Emery were technology trainers, who were fed up of walking into reception areas and seeing TV screens switched off. After investigating further and plugging in a cable or two, they’d usually find the Christmas play pictures from five years ago. When looking into why the screens were switched off, there seemed to be a pattern; the software was too hard to use and had to be constantly micromanaged by the IT department. This is why they created TrilbyTV, the easy to use digital signage software that gives users ownership and control of their own content.

The platform offers a full range of content options for digital signage including video, slideshows, Twitter feeds and web content. It also contains a content catalogue full of education-focused ready to use content, from well known and trusted organisations.

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