John Jones at RGS Worcester talks digital signage

Recently we spoke to John Jones, Director of Innovation at RGS Worcester about their return to school phase and how TrilbyTV would help with this. He also kindly agreed to do a full Under the Hat session and here’s a few snippets from the interview. You can view the full YouTube Under the Hat session below.

RGS Worcester Under the Hat Session

A picture of RGS worceters school digital signage with their Twitter Feed running on TrilbyTV

What’s the best thing about your job?

Well, teaching is ultimately about working with youngsters. I think that is the best thing about a career in education. The ability to work with children and help to shape their futures.

Why is sharing and showcasing digital content important to you?

I think that when children produce work, they love it being shared, especially if they’re very proud of it. The very nature of digital work is that it’s often films or animations, you make these in the hope that people will watch them. Often a problem previously was they’d get written or produced, the teacher would see them, give them a mark and that would be it. So I think sharing and showcasing is important to me because it gives children a genuine audience for their work. That is something that can actually raise standards, confidence and helps to create a sense of community at RGS Worcester.

Why TrilbyTV?

In terms of functionality, ease of use, great customer service and the package as well, there’s nothing else as good. It’s as simple as that! From when I first saw TrilbyTV at the Bett Show, I was immediately sold on it. This was because we were creating loads of content at school at my previous job. It was going on blogs but wasn’t being shown internally, and that was something that we were crying out for. The ease of [learning] how to use the software and teach other teachers was just so helpful. I thought that it would be a good thing to adopt at my new place of work at RGS Worcester. Certainly, the difference that TrilbyTV has made in terms of communication and amplifying work has been fantastic.

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What’s been your TrilbyTV eureka moment?

When so many teachers were so easily able to upload content and use the software to promote outstanding work. The next day after the first training session there was content appearing there. Teachers have got a lot to do, they’re busy people. That’s why my eureka moment came about when they could easily fit TrilbyTV into their already busy schedules.

What are your future plans for growing your digital signage?

Well, more screens obviously! In particular, in the senior school where many departments having seen other departments use their own bespoke screen are considering getting their own screens as well. It dilutes the content in a good way. Rather than having all sorts of content playing on the screens it’s nice to have specific content on specific screens. We’re looking at getting a computing screen now for the computing IT department. Certainly across the other three schools, more screens means that you can be more specific with the content. Training as well, of course, we need to make sure more teachers are able to use TrilbyTV. The democratization of the signage I suppose is a nice way of putting it. Also making sure that we continue to work with TrilbyTV as well to keep the product as good as it currently is.

A big thank you to John and RGS Worcester for providing us with this intel. If you’re a TrilbyTV customer and would like to take part in an Under the Hat session feel free to get in touch with us here and if you’ve not tried TrilbyTV then why not try us for free here!

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