Using Signage Software to Reopen School Safely

A picture from RGS Worcester's school signage, encouraging children to was their handsWhen it comes to returning to school, signage software has never been so important. It has a vital role to play in relaying important health and safety information, helping to keep both pupils and staff safe. Many schools have been open during the Covid19 pandemic, meeting the educational needs of key workers’ children. With pupils working from home as well as on the school site this has meant that showcasing this content has remained imperative. We now find ourselves reaching the important phase where even more children are slowly returning to school. This is when planning an effective ‘return to school signage strategy’ comes into play. It can be tricky however, especially when you have more than one site.

Planning an Effective Signage Strategy for More Than One Site

This was very much the case when it came to The Royal Grammar School Worcester’s return strategy. The school joined the TrilbyTV community back in 2019 through our good friends at Albion Computers. With signage screens spread across four sites, they had been utilising the software with TrilbyTV’s unlimited screen license. Director of Innovation, John Jones really had his work cut out when it came to planning the return to school phase.

A picture of RGS Worcester's school signage screen

“We have the software running in all four of the schools. The senior school in particular has got loads of signage screens. Dodderhill has four screens, also the two prep schools both have a number of screens too. This means that when it comes to returning to school and communicating a consistent message, digital signage is key.”

How TrilbyTV’s Software Helped RGS Digital Signage Strategy

This didn’t deter John however, especially with TrilbyTV’s signage software on hand.

“Each school has a different physical infrastructure but luckily they all have one thing in common, which is TrilbyTV.”

A picture of RGS worceters school signage with their Twitter Feed running on TrilbyTV

Using TrilbyTV to communicate important messaging

RGS Worcester had been using TrilbyTV’s software to communicate important messaging across the school’s digital signage screens prior to the closure.

“We used TrilbyTV loads before the schools shut down. There was messaging about cleanliness, about hygiene, about remembering to wash your hands. We shared the government videos as things ramped up towards lockdown. Another thing that we started doing was putting out the rules of remote learning and the guidelines for pupils to adhere to while working from home. These messages are still on there because a lot of them are still needed today. Some of the teachers are still going to be teaching remotely while the pupils are still at school.”

Free Content With TrilbyTV’s Signage Software

When it came to planning the school’s return, adding to the digital signage that was already in place, John discovered TrilbyTV’s ‘Keeping Safe at School’ slides.

“We added in the TrilbyTV slide deck that you guys put together. The strategy to get the school back is huge and there’s many, many pieces to that particular jigsaw. One of those pieces is certainly the digital signage and the slide deck that you put together has been used, as it stands in all of the schools.” 

Using Signage Software to Reopen Safely

For TrilbyTV users these slides are available within the Content Catalogue in both English and Welsh, ready for adding from the software directly to your school signage.

If you’re not yet using TrilbyTV’s software, we’ve also made them available to download and use on your signage.

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Keeping safe at school slides

Take a look at John Jones’ Under the Hat Session here.


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