Communication is Key at Portsmouth College

Communication is Key at Portsmouth College TrilbyTV

As a JISC Effective Use of Technology award-winning college, Portsmouth College understands the importance of communication to both staff and students. They know that giving ownership of digital display screens around the college helps to do this. This is why TrilbyTV is their tool of choice.

Communication is Key at Portsmouth College TrilbyTV

Handing communication to students

Music Technology Teacher Chris Wood explains.

“The decision to use TrilbyTV was based on giving the students the ability to share and showcase. It’s so important when a lot of student work is in the digital world. This has given our screens a new purpose and more importantly given students the opportunity to showcase their creative skills.”

Communication is Key at Portsmouth College TrilbyTV

Along with Chris, the students are creating content using a variety of apps, then easily adding to TrilbyTV for display along with the college’s Twitter feed.

Staff are able to add content directly to TrilbyTV and use it for college-wide messaging and notices. The Safeguarding Officer, Adam Court, uses Adobe Spark and Google Slides to generate great looking and engaging student information which is shown on screens around the whole site in a matter of minutes.

Communication is Key at Portsmouth College TrilbyTV

Allowing staff to create and manage digital signage

From a technology perspective, Brian Chivers, IT Operations Manager, is more than happy with how TrilbyTV keeps him in control. He says that having the ability to hand over the creation of content and management to staff is key.

“TrilbyTV enables us to give control to others, while still giving us the control we need for day-to-day college functions.”

Communication is Key at Portsmouth College TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV has features that are ideal for schools and colleges as it has been designed for education. This makes it wonderfully simple to Switch On Your Signage. Request a 30-day trial today and TrilbyTV will provide a player device, if needed, giving you everything you need to try out the platform.

Images provided by Music Technology Teacher Chris Wood’s Twitter feed.

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