Live Streaming with TrilbyTV

A screen showing the TrilbyTV hat logo, along with a YouTube logo to represent live streaming

Live Streaming is a great way to share an event, performance or assembly to a wider group. Digital signage can be a crucial part of this by acting as a screen for the duration of the broadcast. With the TrilbyTV Unlimited screen subscription, every screen in your school can be showing a ‘live event’.

Whole school assemblies, essential to building school culture, are currently not possible due to Covid restrictions. So why not use a live stream to share whole school messages directly to each classroom. In the majority of schools every teaching space has a projector/screen setup for lesson delivery, with the TrilbyTV Player app loaded, these make great displays to watch the weekly live stream of the assembly.

Here’s our brief guide to getting live streaming setup with TrilbyTV and YouTube. There are a few additional options along the way, but this quick guide will get you up and running in next to no time.

You will need

TrilbyTV’s Unlimited screen subscription – of course! If you don’t have one, sign up to a 30 day trial for free.

YouTube login – free, but allow 24 hours to setup and verify if you are a new streaming user.

Computer – Any Windows, Mac or Chrome laptop is a good choice
Live streaming from a mobile device, like a phone or tablet requires you to have 1,000 YouTube followers – using a computer is the way round this restriction.

Chrome browser – YouTube is owned by Google so no surprise they like you to use their own browser.

Webcam – optional, but it is really useful to have a camera you can reposition and move away from the laptop. Also think about sound – the person speaking needs to be relatively close to the camera/microphone to be heard – ideally no more than 2 meters.

Live streaming with TrilbyTV requires your TrilbyTV Players to support YouTube, check out the list here to see which players are supported.

Get the stream started

Once you’ve got all the components ready to go and plugged in you are ready to start the video stream.

• Go to and in the top right click the Create icon and choose Go live

• If this is your first time then YouTube may walk you through some steps. If so you want to Go Live Now and Use Webcam

• Enter a stream name like ‘Live from The Hall’

• Check Made for Kids and click next

• Either take a selfie or upload a School Logo as the Thumbnail

• Click Go live

After a few seconds your stream will start and you are now live to the world on YouTube!

Add the live stream to TrilbyTV

Now the stream is up and running you will need to add it as a content item to TrilbyTV.

• At the bottom of the Live streaming screen is the familiar YouTube share arrow

• Click the arrow and copy the Video link that appears

• Head over to TrilbyTV and login click the + icon and choose Web content

• Paste in the link you just copied and click Save

• Approve the content and adjust any other settings like Categories or Groups

TIP: If you know what time the stream will be finished, you could set an Autodelete time to automatically clean things up once you are done.

Use Announcements to broadcast to all screens

TrilbyTV has a really neat Announcement feature that lets you show one item of content on all of your screens.

• Click the announcements icon on the left and then Add Announcement

• Choose the Live stream as your content item and optionally set start and end times

• If you know the assembly starts at 10am then 9.58am would be great start time. Likewise, if its a 30 min session then set the end time to 10:32 to give some space and at this point your players will resume normal service

• Click Save and that’s it

In our scenario above, at around 9:58am all screens will switch to showing the live stream and that will continue to 10:32am.

Remember at the end of your event to come back to your YouTube setup and click the End Stream button. You can choose to Edit in Studio which will send your clip to the Manage section where you can edit, download and repost if you want to share further.

Although there are a few steps to work through, the setup is pretty simple once you have all the parts in place. Of course, the TrilbyTV team are on hand to support if needed so please get in touch if with any questions.

Happy streaming!

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