Web Content updated, now with added RSS

Web Content updated, now with added RSS picture

We’re releasing an update to the Web Content in TrilbyTV. We’re delighted to bring you much-improved support for Google Slides, better YouTube compatibility and beautiful looking RSS content. Your digital signage always looks good with TrilbyTV and these improvements will make your screens look even better.

Google Slides – playback improvements

From today, when you paste in an embed code from Google Slides as a Web Content item, we will do a few things to keep them tidy.

We will review the number of slides and set the timer automatically based on how long you want each slide to show. A 3 slide presentation set to display each for 10 seconds will automatically last for 30 seconds. If you want to loop the presentation turn on Looping and set the time to show – great for lunch menus, welcome screens or wayfinding.

YouTube – any video including YouTube Live

When you find a YouTube clip you want to use and have the appropriate permission to do so, just copy the URL and paste it into TrilbyTV as a new Web Content item.

We will check the clip is OK to use and automatically set times based on the clip length so it will play in TrilbyTV just like you had added the video itself. If you paste in a YouTube Live clip then it won’t have a stop time and will continue to play until you change the player settings or schedule.

YouTube playback support is slightly different depending on the player device you are using. For those using Chrome, you will not have any audio available, for those using our Android or iOS everything will be just perfect. Your players must be running TrilbyTV Player 4.3.3 or later for YouTube playback support. You can install this update from the App Store on your Player device. If you are running on Android/Amazon then you will also need to install the YouTube app to enable YouTube playback.

Supported player features are listed here


RSS feeds – looking good on your digital signage

Web Content slide for digital signageRSS has been around a long time as a way of providing a feed of content from news providers. Most websites with a blog will have an RSS feed and TrilbyTV now supports displaying these beautifully on your digital signage.

If your website has a blog, see if you can find an RSS link on the pages. You can also ask the person who looks after the website. This is a good way to re-purpose content you already have online and gets it seen on your signage. Simply share on your website and have all your latest news appear on your TV with no extra steps needed. A handy QR code will link to the main story if your viewers want to carry on reading.

To add an RSS feed, just copy the URL which might end in .xml, /rss or /feed and paste it in as a new Web Content item. We will do the hard work of extracting the feed information and presenting it beautifully.

Some RSS feeds we have enjoyed watching include…
Wired Tech News – https://www.wired.com/feed/rss
NASA image of the day – https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/lg_image_of_the_day.rss
How Stuff Works – https://syndication.howstuffworks.com/rss/HSW?type%5b%5d=article&type%5b%5d=list

Your players must be running TrilbyTV Player 4.3.3 or later to see any RSS feeds you add.

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