WWF slides a huge hit with schools across the UK and beyond

A picture of a turtle on a WWF slide being presented on a digital signage screenBack in June, we announced another big name addition to the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue – WWF. The new partnership brought facts from the globally recognised Worldwide Fund for Nature to schools across the UK. This partnership meant that TrilbyTV customers could add 42 stunning wildlife and ecology images to their digital signage screens for free.

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For us as a team, it was yet another fantastic achievement. When we introduced the Content Catalogue, we could only dream of the resources that we’d have available for our customers to add. All with the intention of making it easy for our community to keep their screens looking stunning and fresh with ease. We work with a wide range of organisations including; RodocodoWWFChildnet, Keep Britain Tidy, Britannica Digital Learning, Vocabulary Ninja, NetSupport, Pobble, Fuse School and Sport Relief. Here’s a taster of what’s available;

Media response

This milestone partnership also attracted some great media coverage across both the education and tech sectors, including in rAVe [Pubs]. The write-ups, coupled with (more importantly) our customers’ reaction, solidified TrilbyTV’s mission; to listen and constantly take onboard feedback to help develop our app for a better user experience.

A picture of a penguin in the snow on a TrilbyTV screen

Customer reaction

One person that was particularly excited was Website Designer, Website Administrator and TrilbyTV Screens Manager at Dogsthorpe Infant School – Dave Waters. He told us,

“I caught two pupils, looking at the WWF slides and they were captivated by the slide of the Whale. They were about five, maybe six and they were absolutely fascinated by this and I’m not sure whether they were aware of the data that’s underneath it but that doesn’t matter. The fact is they were having a spiritual moment looking at this Whale. The screen showing these slides is right outside our ‘school bus’ area, which is a little work area and classroom. So when they’re out at lunchtime, sometimes a pin drops and they see something. It’s great for firing their imagination… and that’s what TrilbyTV does.”

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Dan Oakes, Headteacher at St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy in Royal Wootton Bassett told us,

“The WWF slides are such a wonderful addition to the content catalogue. High resolution images and facts that grab children’s interest and start a conversation about the wider curriculum. It opens up their eyes to the world outside of their immediate environment and is another example of the power of digital signage in the school setting.”

A snow leopard on the TV at St. Bartholomew's school

Add ‘WWF Facts’ to your digital signage

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, click below to add the ‘WWF Facts’ to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get this great content onto your feed, so it starts playing on your screens.

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If you are not already using TrilbyTV, then set up a 30 day trial today and you can check out the ‘WWF Facts’ and other amazing content, as well as trying out the number one digital signage platform made for education in your school.

With so many amazing partners you’d think that it would be pretty hard for us to keep this up… but no, there’s even more coming soon, so watch this space!

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