The “Great British September Clean” Slides!

A picture of a Keep Britain Tidy slide from TrilbyTVThe Great British September Clean kicks off soon! Run by Keep Britain Tidy, the campaign sees #LitterHeroes nationwide pledging time to clean up their local area. This includes support from more than 170,000 school pupils from almost 2,000 schools, many of whom are TrilbyTV customers.

Content Catalogue slides

We love great causes and see the importance of sharing campaign information to reinforce key messaging. Because of this, TrilbyTV has teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy adding some awesome slides to our Content Catalogue. You can add the slides to your school’s digital signage here.

Litter Heroes for the big school clean up that is run by Keep Britain Tidy

This isn’t the only way we are supporting the campaign. The team at TrilbyTV all find this cause close to our hearts, this is why we’ve all pledged some time to make a difference.

TrilbyTV team taking part in the Great British September Clean!

Ben Stanley – Director TrilbyTV

A picture of TrilbyTV Director Ben Stanley picking up litter for Keep Britain Tidy's Great British September Clean

My partner and I recently moved to Nuneaton which is a great little town with some nice nature trails and parks running alongside the River Anker. Lockdown has certainly seen these get used more and with more people sadly seems to come a bit more litter. With an abundance of wildlife around us, keeping our green spaces clean of plastic and waste should be on everyone’s minds. I’m pleased to be one of the #LitterHeroes as part of the Great British September Clean.

Neil Emery – Director TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery taking part in the Great British September Clean

I’ve recently moved back to Teignmouth in Devon with my wife. We are already enjoying the beautiful beach and are helping to keep it clean and tidy. ‘Love your beach’ is an initiative created by Teignbridge district council and provides bags and litter pickers. The idea is that if everyone spends just two minutes (#2minutebeachclean) picking up litter with the provided equipment then pollution is reduced and water quality improved. We’ve certainly enjoyed doing our bit for the Great British September Clean since moving back to the county I grew up in.

Tim Jones – Marketing TrilbyTV

A picture of TrilbyTV Marketing Consultant Tim Jones picking up litter for the Great British September Clean

Many people flocked in their droves to beauty spots after lockdown, however this unfortunately meant more rubbish. I live in the countryside just outside Birmingham, in North Worcestershire and this was one of those areas. This really shocked me, I couldn’t believe people’s complete disregard for these places of beauty and above all the environment. Because of this, I’ve signed up to the Great British September Clean!

Thank you Keep Britain Tidy!

We want to thank Keep Britain Tidy for planning the Great British September Clean in these unprecedented times. You can register your school to take part here!

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