Schools loving Vocabulary Ninja Word of the Day on TrilbyTV!

A picture of a digital signage screen using TrilbyTV showing the Vocabulary Ninjas Word of the DayLast month we announced one of our newest releases within the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue. This wasn’t just a bit of new content that customers could display on their screens but a partnership with a company that has been an integral influence in the education world for many years now. The Vocabulary Ninja was launched by teacher and best-selling author Andrew Jennings three years ago. Since then, Andrew’s platform has been helping to improve the levels of understanding and confidence of pupils through reading and vocabulary. One of the key ways that The Vocabulary Ninja has been inspiring the next generation is through their “Word of the Day”.

A fantastic way to get students thinking about literacy through any screen

It was something that the TrilbyTV team envisaged as being a fantastic way to get students thinking about literacy through any screen, especially if you have a digital display in your library area. This was why we were keen to collaborate with Andrew and The Vocabulary Ninja team. Since launching their “Word of the Day” within the Content Catalogue, the response has been amazing. One of the people that has really enjoyed the latest addition to the catalogue is TrilbyTV’s very own Neil Emery,

The Vocabulary Ninjas word of the day "prolong" being presented on a screen at the Edinburgh Academy

“I absolutely love our ‘Word of the Day’ collaboration with the fantastic Vocabulary Ninja. I have a few screens testing at home and I learn something every day as a new word, and definition is displayed full screen to me. Thank you to Andrew at the very popular Vocabulary Ninja for working with TrilbyTV on this brilliant new feature which our customers love.”

TrilbyTV customers displaying the Vocabulary Ninja’s word of the day

Our customers have also been unsurprisingly vocal about their use of the content, especially on social media.

Martin Willis, who is the e-Learning Coordinator at the Edinburgh Academy, shared this photo.

The Vocabulary Ninjas word of the day "prolong" being presented on a screen at the Edinburgh Academy

Martin said, “Digital signage in transition years got a smart new feature today… a daily word of the day thanks to Vocabulary Ninja and TrilbyTV. Looking forward to getting this up and running for our Primary years too.”

One of our newest customers, Eden Boys’ School, who are part of Star Academies, also shared this fantastic photo on Twitter of a digital signage screen in their school displaying the word “embellish.”

A picture of the word embellish on the digital signage at Eden Boys School on Bolton

Assistant Principal, Richard Foster wrote with beautiful irony, “We would hate to be accused of going over the top about things, but we are really enjoying the added extras in TrilbyTV.”

Using The Vocabulary Ninja’s “Word of the Day” beyond digital signage

Customers have also been utilising the Vocabulary Ninja’s content beyond digital signage as Executive Head at Dordon and Wood End Primary Schools, Moira Cross told us, “We loved drawing children’s attention to Vocabulary Ninja’s word of the day ‘berate’ on our screens. Staff adding the word to word walls was the icing. Seeing children use it…the cherry on the top!”

How to add and display the Vocabulary Ninja Word of the Day on your screens

If you are logged in to TrilbyTV, then click here to add the slides to your digital signage. It’s only one simple tap to get their great content onto your feed so it starts playing on your screens.

Vocabulary Ninja has lots of resources available on their brand spanking new website which is well worth checking out. Access to all resources starts at just £20.

It’s great to see our customers really embracing the resources on our content catalogue! If you are keen to start using these and are not a TrilbyTV customer, why not try us for free and #SwitchOnYourSignage!

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