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A picture of a colour theory slide with a teacher from Thomas's remote learningWith lockdown constraints in place and schools once again reducing physical numbers on-site, remote learning is back at the heart of our education system, ensuring that children can still learn from home. In June 2020 (during the first phase of schools being shut), we spoke to Stuart Hammersley who is Head of Digital Learning at Thomas’s Kensington. Stuart told us about how Thomas’s are using TrilbyTV’s Public Links feature as a reliable, safe way to share videos in Seesaw & Google Classroom, while getting around upload limit constraints. We decided to catch up with Stuart’s colleague, Catherine Mangan who is the Digital Lead at Thomas’s to see how they are still utilising TrilbyTV as part of their remote learning during this second phase of school closures,

“We’re still using TrilbyTV’s Public Links feature extensively, using it to share good web and YouTube content. The teachers are all using it, it’s absolutely seamless, we can put a video up in five minutes and there’s never an issue.”

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Safety & security

Thomas’s have been using TrilbyTV because of the safety factors and reliability when it comes to sharing videos, as Catherine explains,

“One of the key reasons we prefer using TrilbyTV to upload and share videos to our learning platforms, is that it’s educationally secure. We block YouTube content on our children’s 1:1 iPads, because it opens up so many risk factors for us and many aspects that we then can’t address. We previously used various different video sharing platforms but we found that they were unreliable. We found TrilbyTV to be the most secure and reliable option.”

A picture of someone drawing from Thomas's remote learning

Sharing and creating community

Thomas’s are using TrilbyTV’s public links feature in a variety of ways to boost community cohesion and spread whole school communication,

“We use it for sharing class assemblies. We record remotely and put them together in iMovie, then share via TrilbyTV for the children to watch. Our music department also create virtual concerts which are uploaded to TrilbyTV and shared with our pupils, once weekly.”

A picture from Thomas's remote learning art sessions using TrilbyTV's public links feature

Mental health & wellbeing

Teachers have also being running activities to improve mental health and wellbeing,

“During virtual form times, our teachers have a focus on wellbeing and one of the things that they like to do is ‘draw along’ sessions. We upload draw along videos to TrilbyTV and share them on Zoom via the Public Links feature. All the children draw along together and it creates a sense of community and interaction, with the children showing their pictures at the end of the session, it’s really great.”

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Catherine summed up her TrilbyTV experience by saying,

“We honestly can’t praise [TrilbyTV] enough, thank you for all you’re doing. It’s brilliant, we just absolutely love it. It’s really reliable, I recommend it to so many other schools! If they’re looking for a digital signage and video sharing solution – this is the solution!”

Thanks for your positive comments Catherine. It’s great to hear how you are using TrilbyTV to share, showcase and celebrate success. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how TrilbyTV can help your remote learning or school communication as a whole, you can book a free demo session here!

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