Apex2100 International Ski Academy embrace digital signage

A skier going down the slope at Apex 2100's ski academyJust over a year ago, TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery made the trip to Tignes in France to a newly built private school, Apex2100. Apex is in their sixth year of life and the concept was designed from one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, Hugh Osmond. As a passionate skier, he reached out to Sir Clive Woodward with an idea to create a school with a unique programme that they call, Learn, Train, Perform. It is a programme that combines an outstanding academic curriculum, with world-leading ski coaching and performance training.

Apex 2100's reception area with a digital signage screen showing children skiing

Being a brand new school with very generous investors, they needed state of the art facilities with the most modern and up to date technology. They recognised the importance of investing in whole school communication, including a scalable digital signage system which is why they turned to TrilbyTV.

A girl practising on a tightrope in front of a screen showing a skier in the gym

The benefits of using TrilbyTV

Now in their second year with TrilbyTV we caught up with CEO, Chris Thomson and Digital Marketing Executive, Will Webb to see how their first year with TrilbyTV has been,

“There’s a myriad of reasons why we use it,” said Chris. “We’re very unique because we’re an International Ski Academy as well as a school. So for example, this morning, you’ve got 55 athletes going in different directions on two different ski slopes into different buses and if the weather changes at the last moment, it changes the timetable for the day. Ultimately digital signage gives us the flexibility to broadcast any last-minute changes around the Academy by the touch of a button.”

A picture of the French Champions from Apex 2100 Ski Academy

Apex2100 celebrating success

But this isn’t the only way that Apex2100 find TrilbyTV useful, as Chris explained,

“There is the informative stuff and our Twitter feed, but the reason we find TrilbyTV so good is that it’s the perfect way to celebrate success. Especially when we have some fantastic photographs from race days. Teachers also use it to celebrate students scoring points in class – so then they’ve heard it from the teacher and in assembly, and then they go to supper and it is there again – reinforced on the screen.”

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Chris found it especially helpful to increase the impact when Sir Clive Woodward came to visit,

“Sir Clive Woodward came to visit the academy this summer and gave a talk. The inspiration that he created for our athletes was really high. We didn’t want to lose this so we created some slides to share around the academy for the next five days. The imagery on the digital signage screens was really powerful and it reinforced the culture and ethos of the Academy.”

Apex 2100's reception area with children entering in front of a signage screen running off TrilbyTV

Creating impact and increasing pupil engagement

The reaction from pupils has been fantastic too, as Will confirmed,

“I think it’s great in the dining room, having a meal and then a picture of someone skiing comes on, or a video comes on and you can see them all turn their chairs to look at the screen. So in terms of engagement, it definitely does work!”

Promoting Apex2100 to parents and prospective parents alike

Chris also told us that Apex2100 are using TrilbyTV as the perfect vehicle to market to prospective parents,

“We do some fantastic activities here and we don’t want them to be forgotten. So to have reels of all the great stuff – avalanche training, races, sledging competitions – having stimuli like this is great. I think that the signage screens are just a little reminder to the kids because they live so in the now. Having those reminders is a really nice reflection point of acceleration and also great for parents and prospective parents to have that snapshot of the school which is great. “

The schools dining area with digital signage screens in the background

Returning to schools safely

Despite COVID, the school had only a little bit of downtime and digital signage has played a big part in reinforcing important health and safety messaging as Will confirmed,

“Especially in the dining room, we’ve got a number of different pieces of content that highlight things like washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining space, cleaning your table after you’ve used it, all with the Apex branding.”

An Apex branded COVID slide telling students to keep their distance

Thank you for chatting with us and the kind words Chris and Will, we can’t wait to visit and see all the amazing work that you are doing soon! 🙂

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