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A mindful music hour poster from Thomas'sAfter our feature on how Micklefield School have been utilising TrilbyTV’s Public Links feature, we’ve had a fantastic response! The school based in Surrey created the public links to share video-based learning resources with children via Showbie. Since then we’ve had many other educators get in touch to let us know how they’ve been using this feature too. One of these was Stuart Hammersley who is Head of Digital Learning at Thomas’s Kensington. The school has four sites across London.

A picture showing how Thomas's are using Seesaw and sharing via TrilbyTV's public links feature

Using Public Links in Google Classroom and SeeSaw

We caught up with Stuart, who told us that Thomas’s were using two platforms for their teaching provision since lockdown; Google Classroom and Seesaw but he identified a problem straight away.

“We noticed that Seesaw has a video upload limit which is problematic. Teachers weren’t able to upload their full lesson materials within the time constraints and add multiple videos, which was necessary. With Google Classroom, it seemed to be struggling with video and content retrieval to the pupils. This was due to the influx of online and remote learning across the globe, so we had to find a solution.”

A picture showing how Thomas's are using Google Classroom and sharing via TrilbyTV's public links feature

This is when Stuart realised that TrilbyTV’s public links feature could solve the problem.

“TrilbyTV stepped in with their public links feature. This allowed us to put multiple videos in Seesaw and Google classroom to pretty much an unlimited length. The public links feature has been invaluable to us, as it was something that was taking up a lot of our time. To have something separate, that still works with our filtering system to keep it reliable and safe is great. We’ve had no problems whatsoever with this so it’s working seamlessly with those two platforms. It’s proved to be valuable particularly with lessons like ballet, drama and music.”

A music event being advertised on Seesaw via TrilbyTV's public links feature

Using Public Links for Events

It’s not just learning where TrilbyTV’s public link feature has helped, Thomas’s are using it for broadcasting live events too.

“The whole school community has been joining together to view concerts. These have been particularly valuable to inspire community and mindfulness, whilst raising money for charities. They’ve been quite lengthy so we’ve been using TrilbyTV as a platform to host them, then push it out to the children.”

Video links to physics lessons using TrilbyTV

The Benefits of Online Learning

Stuart also says there’s been benefits from remote learning and some children have even excelled with online learning!

“The creative development has been astounding! We’ve noticed that some children have probably progressed further using online schooling over the last few weeks than if they were at school. I think the teachers have embraced this wholeheartedly. Hopefully they’ll be more willing to utilise technology and we’ll have great content to go on the signage. It’s great to be able to keep learning going for a whole school community. It’s also really beneficial to have platforms like TrilbyTV to ensure that it’s done safely and effectively.”

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