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Reception screen turned off

TrilbyTV was developed after years of walking into schools to find a very lonely and unloved TV screen located in reception. That screen was either turned off or playing content that had no connection to the students. Actually it had no connection to most of the stakeholders associated with that school. Working at the coal face with education for the last 20 years we are passionate about giving voice and ownership over to the students because we know first hand just how powerful this can be.

Blenheim School reception screenNow we also know the reasons digital signage has failed in schools. Over complicated and heavy IT feeling systems designed for the business world. TrilbyTV is the polar opposite. Designed from the classroom up, meaning any school stakeholder feels comfortable pressing a + button to add a Title Slide, Twitter Feed or a students video.

The simplicity and reduced set up time has meant TrilbyTV is fast becoming the #1 digital signage platform made for education.

Having recently received Microsoft Education Partner and Google for Education Partner recognition as well as being entrusted by market leaders such as ClickView, we are on a mission to change the face of digital signage in schools and colleges across the world.

Not only is TrilbyTV changing the face of digital signage in education, but we are seeing signups from lots of different verticals. It would seem the ease of use of our digital signage platform is attracting interest from businesses all over the UK and beyond.

“I’ve got this set up in under 10 mins”.
Rasheeda Russell – PR and Marketing Executive, Joskos Solutions

Only this week TrilbyTV had a trial sign up from the visitor centre at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, USA. They want to use their TV screens to show dashboards from Geckoboard, helping to present up-to-date statistics to their visiting customers. By simply adding the Geckoboard embed code into TrilbyTV’s Web Content feature this information is displayed beautifully fullscreen and easily viewable. It’s not why we made TrilbyTV but shows just how versatile our digital signage platform is!

Another recent sign up to TrilbyTV was Opus Energy who switched on their signage with full screen twitter feeds and drone footage focused on biomass storage sites.

Customers entering Opus Energy offices around the UK would be kept up to date with latest information via Tweets and engaged with video, shot on the latest technology and focused on Opus facilities around the UK.

And the opportunities continue to present themselves. The Chamber of Commerce in Birmingham are wanting to switch three signage screens back on. This week we’ve installed TrilbyTV at Browns Restaurant in Birmingham City Centre which is currently playing very depressing news from BBC and Sky – no more, now we’ve helped to reinvigorate on their signage!

So my conclusion from all of this?
The simplicity, ease of use and speedy setup time is fast making TrilbyTV the go-to digital signage platform for schools and colleges around the world. Its not just education that needs a simpler solution that keeps digital signage screens interesting and up to date, it’s pretty much every business I walk into week after week to find screens off because the platforms running these screens are too IT heavy, time consuming and individually uninspiring.

So if you want to go from this …….             to this ……

…then choose a platform that encourages creativity, not just management, and one that allows for ownership from lots of different stakeholders and not just the IT department. These screens are marketing and advertising screens, not for showing excel spreadsheets!

As I always say “It’s not rocket science”

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