Installing TrilbyTV Player on CleverTouch Plus and Pro

The CleverTouch range of screens are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms as a viable Interactive White Board (IWB) alternative. A large-format screen has many advantages over a projector and board combo, mainly the brightness the screen brings which means finally the blinds can be left open and everyone in the room can clearly see the picture. Screens with touch interfaces are also more responsive than boards and eliminate any alignment issues.

Most displays of course can be hooked up to a classroom computer and some displays like the CleverTour Plus and Pro have Android installed on the screen themselves. This means that the screen can work as a simple web browser and can run apps with no need for additional hardware.

We are really pleased to say that TrilbyTV Player is one app that can run on these screens meaning they can be used for sharing and showcasing any student work added to TrilbyTV, just by opening the app.

Anyone can install the app on the CleverTouch Plus or Pro screen here are some step by step instructions:

  1. On the display tap the side arrow to open the main menu and choose settings.
  2. From the Security section under Device Administration turn on “Unknown Sources” This allows you to install apps on the screen from locations other than the CleverStore.
  3. Download the TrilbyTV Player by clicking here It is best to do this on the screen!
  4. From the main menu choose Files and navigate to the download folder.
  5. Tap on the TrilbyTV Player.apk file and tap Install. 
  6. The App will load and be added to the Apps list. As with other TrilbyTV Players you will need to add the Player Code to your Player Dashboard or login. 
  7. Now whenever you want to use this screen as part of your digital signage setup, just open Apps, tap TrilbyTV Player and you’re done!

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