ClickView and TrilbyTV partnership

We’re pleased to announce TrilbyTV’s partnership with ClickView. When ClickView were looking for a digital signage provider to recommend to their customer base, they conducted extensive market research to find the best possible provider, who could achieve brilliant results professionally and securely. We’re happy to say that ClickView now officially recommends TrilbyTV as the best-in-class digital signage provider for their UK, Australian and New Zealand customers.

“ClickView has always been about providing great video content, and working with TrilbyTV means that we can give our customers access to the best educational digital signage platform as well” said Edward Filetti, ClickView CEO.

“It has been great to welcome so many ClickView customers around the world to TrilbyTV, and deliver so many improvements to their digital strategy.” Said Neil Emery, Director at Trilby.

One school that has successfully launched TrilbyTV is Canberra Girls Grammar School. Claire Biggerstaff, Library Media Assistant, had some great feedback: “The transition to TrilbyTV digital signage was quicker and easier than I expected. We have received excellent support and the platform has been great to use so far – TrilbyTV is both versatile and user-friendly.”

If you are a ClickView customer and are interested in bringing your signage up to standard, get in touch with us or your ClickView Advisor. We have an exclusive offer for all ClickView customers, and we would be delighted to show you everything that can be achieved through our powerful signage tool.

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