Joskos Solutions choose TrilbyTV

BETT 2016 ICT company of the year winner are installing TrilbyTV as their digital signage platform of choice

TrilbyTV has certainly been turning quite a few educational heads in the last few months and making some significant new friends. One new friend we are very proud to be working with is education-focused ICT Managed Services and Support provider Joskos Solutions.

Joskos are so good at supporting and managing their education customers, in 2016 they won BETT ICT Company of the Year award which was a fantastic and well-deserved achievement.

On catching up with Joskos’s Commercial Manager Sean Donohoe at BETT 2016, we found out that staff had already received positive feedback on our sharing and showcasing platform and were excited at the prospect of a demonstration at their HQ in Highgate, London with Project Director Quintus Timmer. On seeing TrilbyTV in action Quintus was impressed and commented:

“Even I could set that up!”
Quintus Timmer, Project Director, Joskos Solutions

Since that initial demonstration, we are very proud to now be driving digital screens in five of Joskos’s managed schools.

These new TrilbyTV installations are being supported by education training company New Ways To Learn. The company is led by Sanjesh Sharma who TrilbyTV also know well from previous education days. Sanjesh also loves the ease of use of TrilbyTV as well as the educational impact video can have for documenting student progression, saying Video is the world we all live in and the medium is a great way to evidence learning for the whole school to see”.

It is fantastic that these new TrilbyTV using schools will be supported and trained to gain the most from their digital signage. No more flat and uninteresting content as you arrive into reception but exciting and engaging content documenting the fantastic teaching and learning achieved in schools every single day.

TrilbyTV are extremely proud to be working with Joskos and New Ways To Learn and we look forward to many more schools experiencing and enjoying our sharing and showcasing platform.

We made TrilbyTV because we kept walking into schools and finding digital signage turned off. If you are looking for a new, effective and simple to use digital signage tool then TrilbyTV is for you. Say goodbye to clocks, news feeds and static slideshows. Bring your school reception area to life with engaging content made by your students.

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