TrilbyTV helping STRIIT Fitness HIIT their business goals!

A picture of STRIIT founder, Oli Killi standing in front of a workout station and screen powered by TrilbyTV

At TrilbyTV, we’re known as the digital signage software made for education and schools is our core focus. One question we’re often asked is are you only available for schools? We’re proud to have made a system so simple that business customers are finding us and after a trial are keen to get using TrilbyTV!

As you can imagine, nothing can be more daunting than setting up your own business. You need to get things set up quickly and success comes from keeping things simple – this is exactly what founder, Oli Killi decided when he and his business partner started STRIIT Fitness Studio earlier this year and were looking for a digital signage solution.

A picture of a digital signage screen with a countdown showing at a gym

Helping STRIIT to create their vision

Oli didn’t want TrilbyTV to simply project promotional posters, motivational messaging or any of the conventional reasons why many people use digital signage. He wanted it to deliver his vision, his goal and his key USP which would make STRIIT Fitness different from the rest,

“TrilbyTV really helped us, we wanted a unique selling proposition for our fitness studio. The plan was to have screens in front of all of the equipment. This would give members the ability to be coached via the screens, walking them through their workouts. I called up Ben from TrilbyTV and after taking a free trial, we figured out together how this could all work.”

A picture of a work station at a gym with a workout instructional video demonstrating someone doing an exercise on a screen

Delivering a successful outcome using a simple solution

STRIIT now have screens running in front of each workout station. Each screen shows three workouts at different intensities so members can choose which to watch and how much to push themselves. Members see a countdown, then a timed warm up, followed by their workout on the screen,

“We run our classes in groups, the type of workout is displayed depending on the station where a member is. Having the visual display is really helpful because it shows the member what they are expected to do technique-wise. This allows us as coaches to step in and give advice on progression, regression and other important coaching cues.”

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The screens allow for personal coaching to be delivered much more efficiently, meaning staff have more time to use their skills and members see the best benefits.

A picture of some dunbells at STRIIT gym in front of a digital signage screen

The result – plenty of happy customers

STRIIT has gained a fantastic membership rate since opening, with people visiting the gym on their lunch breaks and after work to get their fitness HIIT! Oli summed up his adventure with TrilbyTV so far,

“The experience has been great, the screens help to motivate our members telling them exactly what we expect to see as coaches. They learn the exercise well over time, then we can start setting benchmarks and push them a little bit more. TrilbyTV has enabled us to do what we do best, which is actually coaching!”

Thanks to Oli for his time showing us around, you can find out more on the STRIIT website. If you’d like to learn more about how TrilbyTV’s simple to use digital signage can make a difference in your business setting, book your free demo here.

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