RGS reveals why their digital signage is so successful

Our latest testimonial video featuring the Royal Grammar School in Worcester has just been released.

When we launched TrilbyTV six years ago, we had one dream – to create a product that can help to build whole school communication, boost community cohesion and enhance parental engagement through digital signage. With over 25 years of experience in education technology, we noticed a problem first hand; many digital signage screens were switched off or playing irrelevant, un-engaging content that wasn’t getting noticed. That’s why we made TrilbyTV!

A picture of Emma Faulkner being interviewed by a camera crew in front of a digital signage screen

Over the years we have watched first hand, as our schools have grown their digital signage estates, uploading engaging content to create more impact One of these schools is RGS Worcester, who have really embraced digital signage, but what makes their strategy so successful? Well, that’s why we created this awesome new video to give other schools an insight into what really makes digital signage successful.

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Democratisation & Ownership

The video explores how ownership of digital signage can be distributed effectively among key stakeholders, taking the micromanagement aspect away from the IT Department.

“It’s simple to use. I’ve not met a single person yet who can’t use it, and I think the pricing structure is fantastic as well. So chuck all these things together and it’s a win for everybody. The only communication I get is, can I get involved?”

John Jones, Director of Innovation – RGS Worcester Family of Schools

A picture of TrilbyTV designer Charlie Barrington-Osbourne on his laptop, with a member of the TrilbyTV film crew in the background

Why we chose RGS / Royal Grammar School

Besides being one of the most prestigious Independent Schools in the UK, RGS has proactively shown how TrilbyTV can create an impact across multiple sites. Utilising our solution’s Unlimited Screen Subscription, many of their stakeholders are now able to take ownership of groups of screens, becoming adopters and embedding TrilbyTV into their everyday classroom learning.

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“So our new initiative is Trilby Time, we can put it in every single classroom across the school by using Air Server. It brings the community together and we can share really important messages. That helps our school run on a daily basis.”

Adam Morgan, Digital Learning Coordinator – RGS The Grange

A picture of John Jones, Director of Digital Innovation at Royal Grammar School RGS Worcester, chatting to TrilbyTV director Ben Stanley, in front of a digital signage screen

There’s some fantastic solutions out there for digital signage but many of these are designed for stations, stadiums and billboard networks. As great as these are, they don’t suit well in an education setting and typically have to be administered and managed quite heavily by departments with the technical knowhow. TrilbyTV is made specifically for education, with its ease of use, allowing anyone within school to be able to use it.

“It doesn’t have to be someone who’s particularly technical, to be able to do that and we encourage all our heads of departments to update the screens in their areas.”

John Pitt, Headmaster – RGS Worcester Family of Schools

A picture of Digital Learning Coordinator at RGS Dodderhill, Sophie Condlyffe in front of a parent testimonial quote, playing on a digital signage screen

So take a look at how TrilbyTV transformed RGS Worcester’s digital signage. It’s great to see how our solution has made a real impact amongst staff, pupils, and visitors.

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