Need a digital signage screen? Re-issue an old iMac!

Neil Emery and Carl Bayliss standing in front of a digital signage screen showcasing free biscuits

We went to visit Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) who have been using TrilbyTV’s digital signage software for just over a year. NUA has won various different awards and in 2018 they ranked 10th for teaching quality in The Sunday Times Good University Guide.

The NUA reception area with a screen showcasing students' artwork.

The reception area had a screen that was showcasing students’ work, which looked cracking. We then met Workshop Manager, Carl Bayliss. After signing in, we headed straight over to the cafe area to grab a coffee and have a chat. NUA’s promotional video was projected on the outside window via the TrilbyTV app, which looked fantastic!  The cafe had an awesome art gallery-like feel, with large chillout seats. There were also digital signage screens situated in various different locations, along with some interesting bits of decor.

The NUA cafe with people chilling out on comfy sofas with a digital signage screen in the background.

Chat with Workshop Manager, Carl Bayliss

Sitting on one of the sofas in front of a screen showcasing students’ artwork, social awareness posters and memos, Carl told us about his experience with digital signage so far.

Neil Emery and Carl Bayliss looking at a digital signage screen with the Disney logo on.

“TrilbyTV has been great! When we put students’ work up before we needed a player. Now we just stick the app on the computer and farm it out to various different screens. We’re not about traditional digital signage with the news on, we went for TrilbyTV because it’s that easy to use. Various different departments wanted to have access to it so we didn’t want something that was difficult to use. During the trial period, we were trying other options which were maintenance heavy and a full time job to run. The beauty of TrilbyTV is that you don’t have to be a specialist in design or software to use it.”

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But it’s not just the software that NUA are utilising but old redundant equipment that would otherwise be scrapped. “We’re using Amazon fire sticks but what has also really worked well is operating TrilbyTV on redundant iMacs. These are perfect for exhibiting students work at end of year shows.”

An imac at Norwich University of Art that is being re-issued as a digital signage screen

Carl also told us how the software doesn’t need to be micromanaged, “I don’t get calls asking me how to use it, you can just put up what you want and really easily. The good thing is departments are creating things for various events anyway so many can use just adaptations of that. The unlimited screens license is great, we have 30 or 40 players playing during an exhibition, we also use it for marketing and student accommodation adverts on the screens. It’s simple, really simple.”

Tour of NUA’s Digital Signage

A made in Norwich mural, painted on the wall

After chatting to Carl we ventured around the campus, which had a great mix of history meets hi-tech. The buildings date back to medieval times and have modern, state of the art interiors. As you can imagine with NUA being an art institution, the artwork on their general info posters were top notch.

A stairwell at Norwich University of Art with a contact us signage screen in the background.

It was as if you were walking around the Tate Modern at points with art pieces scattered on many of the screens. There were also “how to” videos showing students how to use tools in the woodwork area. It was also great to see staff members enjoying their experience with TrilbyTV.

A member of staff using TrilbyTV's software

The visit was well worth it, it’s great to see how NUA has an amazing set up with digital signage integrated into the aesthetics of the building and creating an inspiring environment for students.

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