22nd October 2019

8:00 pm BST – Maintenance has concluded

5:00 pm BST – We are performing planned maintenance on the TrilbyTV systems. This is expected to conclude at 8pm BST

31st May 2018

12:15 pm – Maintenance lasted slightly longer than anticipated, but service is now resumed.

8:00 am – Planned maintenance till mid day. Players and web connection will be intermittent during this time.

18th May 2018

5:10 pm – Pushed updates to web app for privacy acceptance notice, site offline for 10 minutes.

17th May 2018

9:30 am – We had a reoccurrence of the API issue overnight. A case is open with Microsoft Azure support to investigate. In the meantime we have brought a third API service online to minimise the effect. All have been rebooted.

15th May 2018

10:30 am – The additional API has resolved the issue and normal service is resumed.

10:00 am – We have added additional processing capacity to the API – this will reduce the effects while we diagnose the issue.

9:30 am – We are aware of an issue where the players are not able to check in to TrilbyTV, you may see the message “HTTP Error 502.3 – Bad Gateway” this happens in one of every few attempts to connect and normally causes no playback issues except with Web content. We are working on a solution to this.

10th May 2018

9:30 am – All systems are functioning normally.
If your player is not playing content please try a reboot which will fix most connection issues.

9th May 2018

4:30 pm – Service is back online. If your Players are not showing content please reboot.
8:30 am – App and API platform are down and under investigation. Players may be offline. Please check here for further details.