New features in TrilbyTV v4

Version 4 of TrilbyTV, released on 1st Feb, introduces some new features to TrilbyTV, including the much-requested ability to change colours of tweets and title screen elements.

The web app has been completely rebuilt with all of the new features. The iPad app will have similar functionality at release and lots of updates to come! If there is something you can’t do via the iPad app you use the web app which has also been optimised for tablets.

There are changes in the administration tools and the interface to access these has been improved with a new navigation sidebar will always be on the left hand side.

Home – your content feed view, now streamlined with more content to view, and easy approve buttons.

Players – the Player Dashboard which now shows all your physical players/screens and your virtual/web players which can be embedded in blogs and on your website.

Playlists – to create lists of content to play in a specific chosen order. Playlists can be played back on both physical and web players.

Categories (admin users only) – easy access to add, edit and remove your TrilbyTV content category tags.

Users (admin only) – Manage the users in your system, add and delete users, reset passwords, change user permissions and more

Content (admin only) – Bulk content management tool allowing for mass deleting, approving and editing of all content

User Permissions (admin only) – Creating your own groups of users and set who can do what.

System Dashboard  (admin only) – an overview of your system, storage, subscription and the information we hold in the database regarding billing and technical contacts. We recommend you check these details and let us know if they are incorrect.

See our later December releases here.

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