Embedded Players – adding a playlist to your website

Embedded Players are great for projects

TrilbyTV already offers simple sharing of individual videos with our Public Access tools, letting you share a video page by link or QR code, or embed a single video on your own website. But what if you have a group of videos in a project?

We’re pleased to introduce Embedded Players. Embedded Players let you create a web-based player for a specific set of videos. Say you’ve created a series of video diaries and you want to share the whole set with parents in the latest school email newsletter. Or perhaps you want a project page on your website for videos from your Water Cycle project. You can now create an embedded player to do just this.

Getting Started

Start by clicking on the menu icon and selected Embedded Players. You’ll see the new area that lets you create and manage your players. Click Create Player and you’ll see the following:


Just like with our TrilbyTV Player apps, you can choose to share based on a selection of categories, or a curated ordered playlist of videos. And for privacy, only videos marked as available for Public Access can be seen in Embedded Players.

If you choose a category based player, you just need to click the categories you want to include, and decide if you want playback to be shuffled. The category selection screen will tell you how many videos are included in your selection, and if any videos won’t be show.

If you choose a playlist based player, you’ll see our playlist creator where you can filter your available videos, and add them to your timeline by dragging or clicking Add. You can then reorder videos as you need by dragging them around. Then simply add a Name for your playlist and save.

Now from the main Players list, click Embed to get two options:


  • Embed Code: this can be used to put your player on a webpage, if you want to include this on a webpage
  • Public Link: this is a standalone web page that will play back your videos. Share this on social media, in emails or via a link on your website.

Click on the image below to see our Embedded Player for director Neil Emery’s Amazon 2015 adventures.


You can also use Embedded Players to run web-based digital signage players if you’re not using a TrilbyTV Player, such as VisioSign.

Embedded Players are available now for all Admin users.

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