Content Management tools to help with bulk changes

We’re pleased to announce the triumphant return of our Content Management tools after our big relaunch earlier this year. The new tools make it really easy to bulk change your content keeping your school digital signage screens fresh and up-to-date. Keeping relevant content on screens is a great way to ensure people look at the screens and don’t ignore them because they are showing stale information.

Using the filtering and search tools, you can quickly find multiple items of content in your TrilbyTV account. Search and filter by category or by time added from 7 days ago to a year ago, or just by name.

Once the content is found you can perform bulk actions which include:

  • quickly changing approval state
  • turning Public sharing on or off
  • switching playback on or off
  • and deleting items

Just check the items you want to change or click the checkbox at the top of the list to select everything. This means in a couple of clicks you can search for all content added a year ago, click the checkbox and choose to delete. Or you may want to find all content in the Parents Evening category and turn off playback till it is needed again.

We suggest once in a while you use the date filtering to quickly find old content you may want to remove from your account to clear up. Remember you can always check the amount of storage you have in the System Dashboard and we will send you warnings once it looks like you are nearly full.

This feature is available to all users with Admin permissions from 7th November 2018. As always we love to hear your feedback so drop us an email to let us know what you think of this feature and any other TrilbyTV signage settings you’d like to manage in bulk.

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