TrilbyTV Tips – making the most of our features

Since the release of version 4 of TrilbyTV back in February 2018 we’ve made a few tweaks and improvements that may have passed you by. Here’s a rundown of some v4 tips you may find useful.

Tweet Colours

This was one of the most requested features which we released with v4. There are three colours you can specify

  • the background
  • the body text (foreground) colour
  • the link text (secondary) colour

Each of these can be manually picked by tapping on the colour picker, or if you know the exact Hex code value of your brand or corporate colours you can type that in.


Here you can create an ordered list of content to play. This is very useful for open days, parents evenings or events where you might want 3-4 items of content to play and nothing else.

Using the playlist editor is easy, just tap Add Playlist, give it a name and then tap content to add. Tap the Order bar on the right and you can re-order and duplicate content in the playlist. You might do this to add your logo or a welcome to the event message in between each content item.

Edit Slideshows

Since v4 you have been able to edit certain content items even after they have been approved. Slideshows are a great example of this and can be used in a variety of ways to save you time.

We see TrilbyTV being used a lot for menus in canteen areas. Before v4 these would typically be a PowerPoint slide saved as a video. Now they can very simply be a PowerPoint slide saved as an image. Just create a Slideshow called Monday Menu and then when the menu changes access the Monday Menu slideshow, remove the old menu image and pop up the new one – Job Done! No need to wait for encoding, approving, editing players or altering schedules.

Schedule Content

We get support requests for this, and its one of our favourite time-saving features built right into TrilbyTV v4.

Every Player by default will play back the most recent 20 items added to your TrilbyTV. You can set the player to just show items from a certain category and this is sufficient for most. However, you may have a set of content or messages you want to display at a certain time. A great example is messages for Parents at drop off and collection time.

Create a Category called #messages and use this to tag relevant content. Access the Player Dashboard and tap on the player you would like to show the messages.

Tap Add Schedule and set the start and end times. You might also set the limit to say 3 so it only shows the latest 3 things added to the messages category.

Tap the #messages category as the item to play and then Save

Now at your designated time, the player will switch to the messages category and automatically switch back at the end time.

We hope you have found these tips useful if you have a special feature of TrilbyTV you really like, or if you have suggestions as to features you would like us to add please do email or tweet us.

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