TrilbyTV Autumn 2020 feature launch

TrilbyTV is proud to announce the launch of three fantastic new features available from TODAY! Following the launch of our “Word of the Day” feature last month, the team have been working hard to bring the TrilbyTV community of schools even more ways to inspire staff and students alike. As our customers know, being a focused team, when you give us a suggestion, we listen and make it happen. So here’s what’s new!

Twitter 2.0

Picture of TrilbyTV's Twitter 2.0 feature update, showcasing a NASA tweet with a picture of the galaxy
Our popular Twitter feature, which brings your tweets to your digital signage, has had an update. This new release means your Twitter feed on your screens never looked so good. The screen layout now supports multiple images, so if you tweet more than one image, the layout automatically updates. Highly requested support for GIFs and Videos has also been added, and when you set up your feed, you can now opt to play videos. Hashtag support has been improved, and you can now include a feed on your digital signage based on a hashtag. This is great for conference or event days, or to follow a particular trending topic.

Slideshow 3.0

Picture of TrilbyTV's Slideshow 3.0 feature update with an image of a lake in a valley, surrounded by mountains
Adding a folder of images or PowerPoint to TrilbyTV is a quick and easy way to update your digital signage.  Now with the new ‘Auto fill screen’ feature, your images will automatically be scaled to fill the screen. TV screens have a 16:9 aspect ratio while most digital cameras take 5:4 pictures leading to black borders at the top, bottom or sides of the screen. Auto fill screen fixes this, and it’s automatic, so you don’t have to tweak each image. New editing tools in Slideshow 3.0 let you manually change the framing of your image and zoom if you want to see more detail.

Content Catalogue

Picture of TrilbyTV new content catalogue items
We have a collection of great resources from respected educational providers and services in the Content Catalogue. Now they are joined by five new tools that we have made to keep your screens looking amazing and up-to-date.

Social Slide
Show your visitors your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube usernames so they can easily follow you and stay connected anywhere.

Birthday Slide
Everyone likes to see their name on the screen, and with the Birthday slide, everyone gets that annual recognition of their birthday. It’s easy to update from your school’s MIS with our CSV import feature, or you can add and edit individually.

Inspirational Quotes
A set of beautifully presented motivational, and mindful quotes which you can add to with your own.

Notice Cards
When you need to get a quick message out to everyone, you can use a Notice card and set a time and date to start and stop showing the note. Great for out of hours messages or for use in the staffroom as a bulletin board.

Staff Board
A digital signage version of the staff photo board, which is so much easier to update with the click of a few buttons. Create one board for the whole school or separate boards for each department. Great for the reception screen to show the crucial Safeguarding leads information to visitors.

Update your players

To playback all this lovely new content, please make sure you update your TrilbyTV Players to at least version 4.4.0 or later. Players should update themselves automatically if you downloaded the player app from the relevant store, but sometimes they will need a manual restart to get things running. If you get stuck please let us know.

So there are TrilbyTV’s awesome new updates. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch here. As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can make TrilbyTV even better, just give us a shout!

Autumn 2021 launch info here

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