The Edinburgh Academy utilising free Content Catalogue

A picture of a hallway at the Edinburgh Academy, with a digital signage screen showing a Birthday slide from the TrilbyTV content catalogueAt TrilbyTV, we know how busy schools that we work with are. With only so many hours in the day, we understand that updating digital signage screens can be a challenge, that’s why we created the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue. Included as part of our education subscription, the TrilbyTV Content Catalogue is a collection of pre-made education resources from hand-picked partners. All beautifully designed to look great on digital signage. This resource helps to keep your screens looking fresh, engaging pupils, staff and visitors.

One school that has been really taking advantage of the Content Catalogue is the Edinburgh Academy. So we took some time to catch up with their Leader of Digital Learning, Martin Willis to see how they’ve been using this useful resource and why it’s so important,

“The Content Catalogue is a fantastic way to ensure that we’ve got fresh content showing on the screens and it’s an easy way to keep them up to date. There’s something new on the screens every day and every week. Vocabulary Ninja’s Word of the Day, Notice Cards and Birthday Slides are the main items from the Content Catalogue that we’ve been using. Birthday Slides have been a huge hit and the children have absolutely loved them. I’ve set it up to show the kids’ names with their class. We’ve also just started to look at the FuseSchool content.”

Bridging the gap between junior and senior

A picture of a tv screen showing the Vocabulary Ninja's word of the day "prolong"

“I think having new content on the screens has been good for our younger students, in helping to bridge the transition from primary to secondary. So things like the Vocabulary Ninja’s Word of the Day which we use within our junior school. We can put these on the screens for students to see when they first move on to this senior school site. This makes it feel quite familiar and nice for them.”

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Tailored for all ages

A picture of a hallway at there Edinburgh Academy with wall displays and a signage screen showing a Birthday slide from TrilbyTV

“Our audiences are very different on both sides, but the great thing about the Content Catalogue is that there’s something for everyone. In the senior school, FuseSchool science slides are great, especially in the science building. At the primary site, the notice cards have been good, they can be really powerful, because it’s just that quick flash information on a cycle.”

“We’re now looking at how we can increase our number of screens, and once we’ve got more screens, we’ll start to use things like the Staff Board and Social Media cards, which will be fantastic!’

Thanks for chatting with us Martin, it’s great to hear how handy this resource really is. To learn more about TrilbyTV’s Content Catalogue, click here!

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