TrilbyTV Autumn 2021 feature launch

A picture of a screen with the TrilbyTV Autumn features launch Twitter, Slideshow and Content Catalogue logo's, with a rocket behind

Here at TrilbyTV our development process is very much driven by customer needs and requests. The team has been hard at work over the last few months completing a number of new features that we know will make TrilbyTV even easier to use. Digital signage in education has often been achieved with a commercial product not fit for purpose, which is why these new features are specifically designed around the requirements of schools. We hope you like them and as always we’re on hand to support.

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Corners is a TrilbyTV feature that puts your logo, the current time and date, or other information on the screen at all times. It places these in one of the four corners of the screen and you can select which goes where on all players linked to your TrilbyTV or on each player individually. Adding a logo means your school brand is always on display. While adding the Device name is useful for screens which have dual use in meeting rooms and shared spaces. You can access the new Corners feature in the Player Dashboard.

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Announce App

Announcements is a way to take over all screens or a group of screens to show a single message. TrilbyTV Players check in every 60 seconds for updates and if the Player is online and active, an announcement will typically go live in less than a minute. Handy to make last minute room change announcements or display closure notices for snow days!

Making an announcement is now easier and can be done from any mobile device with the TrilbyTV Announce app, available on the App Store and Play Store.

A picture of a digital signage announcement on a screen, informing everyone that it is a snow day

New Player Features

Along with Corners, we’ve added a host of new Player Settings for your TrilbyTV Players, and worked on improving player stability. With version 4.5 of the TrilbyTV Player app installed you can now rotate some screens, check status, remotely restart and clear player cache, all from the Player Dashboard. No need to get out that ladder!

Screen Rotation

If you want to install a screen in portrait orientation, you can now use any Android player device and use the Rotation setting to twist things around. A screen on its side can provide some added visual interest in certain locations. Portrait or vertical screens are often used for displaying lists like Menus or Fixtures.

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Player Status

Each TrilbyTV Player is regularly checking in with our cloud to find your new content and changes to playback settings. You can now see a visual graph of these check-ins over the past 24 hours.

It’s useful to check for any wifi or network issues and can help in diagnosing why a screen may be going offline, or not showing your latest content.

Restart Daily

If your Player device supports it, you can now specify a time to restart every day. A reboot can help keep players running for longer periods as it clears out memory and gives the Operating System a chance to perform any maintenance or update tasks. We recommend setting this to a time when the screen is not being viewed.

A picture from the TrilbyTV Player settings showing that the player has refreshed.

And more…

The Swap player code, Audio and Autostart options are also new. You can check out our Player Settings support page for more information on what these tools do..

Update your players today!

To access all these great new features, please make sure you update your TrilbyTV Players to at least version 4.5 or later. Players should update themselves automatically if you downloaded the player app from the relevant store, but sometimes they will need a manual restart to get things running. If you get stuck or have any questions, please get in touch here.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can make TrilbyTV even better, just give us a shout!

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