TrilbyTV & Airtame – the Perfect Combination!

A picture of a teacher using Airtame hardware, which is now compatible with TrilbyTVs SoftwareAt TrilbyTV we work hard to make our digital signage platform work with lots of different hardware, so we are pleased to announce TrilbyTV works seamlessly with Airtame wireless presentation devices. Seamless is the perfect word, as our software and their hardware seem made for each other.

A picture of a school corridor that is using Airtame on their digital signage, which ow works with TrilbyTVAbout Airtame

Airtame is a screen sharing device that makes it easy for people to share data and ideas without cables. This engages audiences through digital signage while empowering administrators with remote content management. With a focus on education, this helps educators to teach effectively while having the flexibility of being mobile. Secondly inspiring students, encouraging sharing in classes, group work sessions and extracurricular projects. Another key aspect of Airtame is that it helps to save time, reducing IT maintenance and saving storage. This is because everything can be done from their all-in-one cloud management. This matches TrilbyTV’s aspirations which is why the combination of the two creates the perfect match of hardware and software.

A picture of how Airtame is set up with TrilbyTV

Why Airtame is perfect for a TrilbyTV Web Player

After you have set up your Airtame players, you have the option for a Website to be added as the home screen background. This feature is perfect for a TrilbyTV Web Player which is a full-screen weblink driven by a category, number of categories or a playlist. You can overlay conference room connection details and access screens instantly for wireless presentations. When finished presenting screens instantly go back to TrilbyTV, sharing and showcasing your latest content.

A picture of a poster promoting reading on Welsh Medium School Ysgol Glan Morfa's school signage systemTrilbyTV’s education-focused digital signage platform offers a full range of content options including video, slideshows, twitter feeds and web content. You can add these to any screen running Airtame hardware easily. It also contains a content catalogue, full of ready to use content from well known and trusted organisations. Perfect for inspiring and educating the next generation.

For more information on setting up TrilbyTV on Airtame devices, check out our Using TrilbyTV Player on Airtame guide.

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