Bring your own player hardware

At TrilbyTV, we don’t believe in locking you down to a specific piece of hardware for digital signage playback. Instead, we’ve created TrilbyTV Player apps for the popular platforms our customers use. Pretty much any device can become a digital signage player, grab our app from the relevant store and switch on your signage.

Android minix device
Android icon


Widely available on many SmartTV's and affordable media devices.

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Chromebit device
Chrome icon


Runs on any Chromebit, Chromebook or Chromebox.

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AppleTV device
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AppleTV for quality video playback or maybe you have a spare Mac mini.

*AppleTV does not currently support web content.

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Amazon Fire TV device
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Amazon Fire

Cost effective, consumer-focused device. Includes remote and can be powered from your screen.

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Windows device
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You can reuse an existing computer to run your TV screens and playback your videos from TrilbyTV.

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AirServer Connect 2 device
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AirServer Connect 2

A compact and efficient universal screen mirroring solution.

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Airtame device
Airtame icon


Classroom and conference room wireless presentation device.

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Philips D line display
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Runs on Philips D-Line Professional displays with Android 7 and later.

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LG Screen
LG logo


Runs on LG webOS digital signage range of displays.

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Content and remote management

Every player has its unique advantages. For more information on what sort of content will work best, see our page on Player Content support. TrilbyTV allows you to control what content will show on which player and on what schedule. Where possible, we suggest you use a hardware player device you can manage and control remotely using an MDM or similar remote management tool. These tools often let you set on and off times as well as the option to update the software remotly.

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