New Feature: Slideshow 2.0

Hot on the heels of Title Slides and Notifications releases, we’re excited to bring you our all-new Slideshow 2.0!

Slideshows are a great way to get a set of images on your TV screens, whether its a selection of photos from a recent trip added via the web app or tablet, a menu in your canteen area made up of a series of images from your catering supplier, or simply pictures of recent successes or stories.

Until now you were only able to add a slideshow from a set of images, which meant if your content started life in PowerPoint, you had to first export as images it before adding. In our updated Slideshow 2.0 we have made it so much easier – now you can just drag and drop.

Slideshow 2.0 supports a wide range of common file formats: PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Open Office formats and even Publisher – A full list of supported formats can be found on our Slideshow 2.0 support page, and support for Keynote is coming later this year.

You can also mix and match formats, so a single slideshow can have a mix of PowerPoint, PDF and jpegs, this makes creating an exciting slideshow from a mix of content even easier. Just drag them in and see them added.

To get started with Slideshow 2.0, log in to TrilbyTV, tap + then choose Slideshow.

Drag and drop your files in or tap to Browse and select your files. It will take a several seconds to create your slides depending on the original file size and number of images to be made. Once created you can change the order and remove any un-needed slides.

To finish, give the slideshow a title, click Save then you’re done.

Remember to tag and approve your content and optionally set start and end dates before you click save.

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