New Feature: Title Slides!

Title Slides Animation

The team has been hard at work adding a brand new feature to TrilbyTV – we call it Title Slides. We want digital signage to be simple and easy to use and with Title Slides, keeping signage up to date and looking great is now easier than ever.

Think of Title Slides as supercharged Title screens!

Title Slides are an upgraded version of the Title Screen content type which we introduced in at the start of 2018, giving you the ability to add an image and a piece of text as a single slide to make simple short messages to your viewers. With Title Slides, you can now choose from multiple layout options and have control over the image zoomed and positioning. We’ve also added easy text size adjustments and much better colour control.

Layout options

The new layout options include Fullscreen which puts your image as the entire background of the slide and gives you space to add your text. Split screen puts your image and text side by side. We like this layout for Student of the Day messages where you need a bit more space for the words. Title and caption is all about the words with no image background and Image and title layout is like the classic Title Screens and works great for Welcome screens with a school logo.

Our enhanced image tools now let you zoom in to the image which you can then drag around to position as well as reset, swap and delete. This lets you put the focus on the part of the photo you want to highlight.

We’ve also added in a Landscape/Portrait preview button so you can get an idea of what your content might look like on a portrait screen.

Portrait screens are becoming more popular in some venues and we hope being able to preview in this way is very useful if you are lucky enough to have such a screen. We’ve got a blog piece on this coming soon.

Once you have added your title slide, you can set your usual content settings including Display Duration and Auto Delete and just save and approve like any other TrilbyTV content.

Your TrilbyTV Players will need to be running version 4.3 or later to support new Title Slide playback. Adding Title Slides on iPad is coming later this year.

We’re excited to see how creative you get with the new Title Slides! So log in to TrilbyTV¬†and start adding yours.

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