New Notifications – keeping you up-to-date

An illustration of a grey, yellow and red notification bell

Next time you log in to TrilbyTV you’ll see a little bell in the top right corner – that’s our new Notifications area and it’s there to keep you informed.

From today, notifications will pop up when you are nearing the end of your subscription giving you the end date and a quick way to renew. You’ll also get a notification when your TrilbyTV is running low on storage and of course you can use the Content Management tools to clear things out and make some space.

When you upload a video clip we’ll notify you to let you know when its all encoded and ready to view and we’ll also let you know if there were any issues processing your clip.

We’ll keep the notifications to a minimum with occasional messages about new features and blog posts and if you’ve not yet Verified your email address you’ll see a note about that when you next log in.

We’ll be adding more to Notifications over the coming months and we hope you find them useful.

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