Heltwate School using TrilbyTV for remote learning

A picture of a teacher at Helwate reading a book on a video for remote learningFollowing on from our chat with Catherine Mangan from Thomas’s Kensington about how they are utilising TrilbyTV to assist them with their remote learning, we’ve noticed other schools that are doing the same. This includes Heltwate Special Needs School in Peterborough. Most of the children at Heltwate are entitled to attend the physical school during lockdown, however many parents have opted to keep their children at home. This has meant that about 75% of the children are reliant on home learning. We spoke to Assistant Head Teacher Kim Phillips via Zoom, who told us more about how they are embracing remote learning,

“Most of our pupils are engaging as best they can with home learning. We have quite a good parent-school community, so parents really make use of the platform we provide.”

A picture of children in the classroom learning via Zoom

Using Attention Autism in remote learning

One of the key factors that have helped Heltwate roll out their home learning program has been TrilbyTV’s public links feature, especially when it comes to them using ‘Attention Autism’, a model of teaching to promote engagement,

“It’s helped massively, because a lot of our children are working on a very early years curriculum and very low-level cognitive activities. Attention Autism is a way to get the attention of your learners. So when I’m in class, before a lesson, we would be doing an attention-grabbing activity to start. We start with a bucket and you sing a song about things in your pocket and then pull things out of your bucket and show the children. Staff have been recording videos of this activity and using TrilbyTV’s remote public links to host it, so brilliant! Also, having a video that’s not streamed live is helpful as some parents are working and sometimes the children have their own agenda. So the fact we’ve got TrilbyTV in place gives us the opportunity to upload those videos, and then parents can use them again and again.”

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COVID health and safety information

For the children that are in school, Helwate are also using digital signage to relay important health and safety information,

“It’s great for COVID health and safety information, we just pop it on the screen in reception, and it’s really clear for visitors and staff to see.”

A picture of Helwate Special Needs Schools dashboard with learning videos on TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV fantastic for Helwate’s situation

Kim summed up her experience with TrilbyTV with these kind words,

“We love TrilbyTV. It’s brilliant. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It’s been fantastic for our situation, especially when it comes to remote learning and in school with COVID. It means we’ve got a platform where we can still share information and still have a look at what others are doing, keeping a sense of school community.”

A picture of children looking at a digital signage screen running Google Classroom through TrilbyTV

Thanks for chatting with us Kim, it’s great to hear how TrilbyTV is helping Helwate in the same way that we are with other schools in this turbulent time! If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how TrilbyTV can help your remote learning or school communication as a whole, you can book a free demo session here!

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