Finding the Perfect Digital Signage Solution

TrilbyTV's digital signage solution at St Ambrose college showing a lunch menu

Many of our new customers have the same issue, they had a digital signage solution but now it lays dormant. Too difficult to use, with the IT department inundated with requests daily, asking them to put on new content. This was very much the case with St. Ambrose who approached our friends at Virtue Technologies to help them find a new digital signage solution. The main reason was that their digital signage system wasn’t flexible enough with limited content types and an intrusive frame wrapped around everything displayed.

Virtue consulting Leadership, Teaching Staff and IT

Virtue spoke with the Leadership, Teaching Staff and IT teams to understand what they wanted and needed from a digital signage system. After learning what was lacking in their current system and hearing their aspirations they advised St. Ambrose that for their digital signage to make an impact, it had to share information that was useful, current and engaging.

The Senior Leadership wanted a solution that enabled their digital signage to deliver a speedy message across the school. The new system also had to display full-screen, with the content delivery unobstructed.

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When Virtue spoke to the IT Team, they highlighted the same issue. The old system hadn’t been utilised or kept up to date as it was so complex. It was also time-consuming to add new content to multiple screens which meant ease-of-use was key.

The teachers also mentioned that they would be more engaged if they could add content themselves. If it was easy and quick to show different content on each screen, they could even add department relevant messaging and use it to evidence delivery of the curriculum.

A picture of St. Ambrose College

A cost-effective solution for digital signage

Virtue recommended TrilbyTV as a solution for St. Ambrose College’s digital signage because it required them to purchase less new kit. They did this by utilising their existing screens to keep costs down while adding the TrilbyTV software and Android player boxes. It was the most cost-effective way to ensure all 10 digital signage screens on the site would remain. Once St. Ambrose had agreed on TrilbyTV as the right solution, Virtue deployed the project including hardware and installation.

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Since adopting TrilbyTV, St. Ambrose College’s digital signage is clearer with a better functioning solution and fantastic support. Improving their local digital signage has helped them increase staff and student engagement by enabling up-to-date content delivery.

The reaction to the new system

Principal, Dermot Rainey, said, “Our digital signage is visible again! It’s so easy to use and our teachers were trained quickly on the basic features so they now like updating it themselves. It’s ideal for us because we don’t spend valuable IT time in maintaining our signage.”

Virtue has said that their research suggests that TrilbyTV has helped teachers easily evidence the students’ grasp of the curriculum. The perception of the school has improved for parents and staff as the new system looks a lot more modern. Virtue compared Staff Satisfaction surveys that they took before and after the new digital signage solution went in. There was a 9% increase in satisfaction, including an improvement in their perception of technology use in the school. When combined with the surveys from parents, there was an overall 12% improvement in school perception following the deployment.

A picture of TrilbyTV's Digital signage solution running on a Virtue Technologies screen at St. Ambrose college

What Virtue think of TrilbyTV

Virtue Technologies Account Manager, Lee Burnet, said, “At Virtue, we’re passionate about providing the best solution for our customers. I didn’t want them to have to choose between reducing coverage and sticking with a solution that wasn’t delivering. We set about finding a product that gave them the best of both worlds. TrilbyTV was that very solution, I’m so glad we found it and were able to deploy the software.”

How TrilbyTV’s digital signage solution is now used at St. Ambrose

The primary method of communication at St. Ambrose has now become digital signage. This is down to the simplicity of the TrilbyTV solution and has allowed their digital signage to be more up-to-date, while also cutting printing and paper costs. The user-friendly interface has also resulted in updates being quicker and not managed solely by the IT department. It’s resulted in an extra 108 hours per year which can be spent on more integral IT tasks.

“The transition to TrilbyTV digital signage was quicker and easier than I expected. It’s so user-friendly and our teachers have taken to it so quickly, content is much more relevant and stays up-to-date.” Dan Hiley, IT Manager.

A picture of St. Ambrose college where TrilbyTV's digital signage solution is used

St. Ambrose are now able to adapt their displays and make them more eye-catching. This allows them to have their content playing full screen without intrusions like their logo covering up content or any frame around the screen’s display.

Principal Rainey concludes “Compared to other solutions we considered we are completely confident we made the right choice in choosing TrilbyTV.”

It’s great to hear how TrilbyTV solved St. Ambrose’s problem, big thanks to Virtue for deploying TrilbyTV in this project.

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