Beyond the Signage Screen – Part 2 – Web Players 

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With the majority of UK education now working from home, online learning platforms and solutions have never been more important. Here at TrilbyTV, we have web links for all content which can help.

A number of our education customers have asked how TrilbyTV can play a part in supporting their home learning environments. One customer asked, “Is there a way to embed a variety of content into a website or VLE?” Another suggested, “What about creating a home learning TV channel that keeps everyone up to date with important information and celebrates success?” Can TrilbyTV help out here? Absolutely YES!

When building TrilbyTV, we wanted to make sure our education customers could share and showcase beyond the school boundaries. In our previous blog, we focused on Public links where individual content uploaded to TrilbyTV creates a public weblink, image link and embed code. Our public links can also share directly to Google Classroom.

So how do Web Players differ from individual public links?

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Web Players

TrilbyTV Web Players allow a mix of all content types shared via a single URL or embed code. Meaning once live, they can showcase a mix of video, image slideshows, Twitter feeds and web content. As with all things TrilbyTV, the process is very simple. Create a Playlist containing your content, then create a web player and designate it to play the playlist, simple! Web Players automatically create the following links:

  • Public Link
  • Fullscreen Public Link
  • Embed Code

A picture of a public link, fullscreen public link and embed code on the TrilbyTV app

Sharing with a Public Link or Fullscreen Public Link

The quickest and easiest way to share your Web Player is using the Public Link. The standard Public Link sees content playing within a TrilbyTV window including QR code for easy sharing. This is great to send out in an email, or parent communication where the link can be clicked and anyone can view the content. While using the Fullscreen Public Link means your content is shown fullscreen as it would be on a TV screen or in school digital signage display.

We think that creating a Web Player as a home learning TV channel is a great idea. It is a fantastic way to reinforce important messages, offer support and celebrate student success. Once shared students, parents and teachers simply need to click the link or paste the URL into a new tab. They can even add to a web browser on a Smart TV to access and view the content from anywhere in the world.

A mental health awareness slide encouraging people to talk, created on Adobe Spark.

Sharing with an Embed Code

Our embed code allows a Web Player to be embedded into a website or VLE, something Clevedon School near Bristol have been doing for some time now. They embed TrilbyTV Web Players into their virtual learning environment ‘Firefly’ to promote inter-house competitions, publish results and share student success. Gavin Smart, Strategic Lead for Digital Learning at The Clevedon Learning Trust, tells us,

“Web players help us to engage the whole school community both on and off-site. Using Firefly and Microsoft Teams allow us to share content with everyone, everything from our House Competitions to important announcements.”

A picture of Virtual 2020 on Microsoft Teams web player

Since home learning in the UK has become the new normal for now, Gavin has started embedding TrilbyTV Web Players into the schools Microsoft Teams environment as well.

Many think digital signage is just about physical screens but that’s not how we see it at TrilbyTV. Our Public Links and Web Players make it easy to share beyond the classroom. During these current times, that’s more important than ever.

Our unlimited screen education customers can create and share as many Web Player ‘channels’ as they want, to further promote the latest news and information.

Neil has recorded a walkthrough video of how to create your own home learning channel

To find out more, see the TrilbyTV support page for creating web players and please do reach out to us if you need any support.

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