Announcing – Announcements!

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Imagine the scene – a school full of students working away, then a flake of snow drifts down, followed by another, then another then a full deluge. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could announce that the site would be closing early and have a message showing on all of your digital signage screens? That’s one perfect use for the new Announcement feature in TrilbyTV.

How do I do this?

Head over to the Player Dashboard (only Admins can do this) and click the Make Announcement button.
Choose an optional start and end time/date for the announcement and then choose an existing item of content to show. This means you could take over with a pre-prepared video, a title screen, or perhaps even a Twitter feed if you really want!

For the duration of the announcement, only that one item will play and it will appear on ALL your screens. Once the announcement is over screens will return to their regularly scheduled content. Your players will need to be running 4.2 or later of TrilbyTV Player.

Announcements can be used for all sorts of things, a change of assembly time, big school news, or even an Ofsted alert!

We look forward to seeing what you Announce.


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