TrilbyTV highlights black pioneers with slides for signage

The title slide from the TrilbyTV Black Pioneers seriesTrilbyTV has released a fantastic variety of slides showing Black Pioneers via our Content Catalogue in recognition of Black History Month.

The month-long event originated in the United States in 1970. As a result of its popularity, it has now received recognition from governments across the globe. The UK celebrates Black History Month in October.

Inspired by CRMKB

Back in 1993, at the start of Trilby, we worked with our good friend Tarsem Singh Cooner (@Akali65) on the production of a CD-ROM 💿 (remember those!) all about Cultural Roots.

The aptly named Cultural Roots Multimedia Knowledge Base or CRMKB vol. 1 was the first in a series that explored different diasporas – the spread or dispersal of people from their homelands. It was a great educational resource which focused on giving young people more knowledge of their culture. Moreover, it would make them feel proud and realise a sense of self-identity and of course educate others in the beauty of difference and diversity.

Volume one of CRMKB visited a broad set of themes including; People, Places, Beliefs and Lifestyles. In short, it included the founders of the Sikh faith, the geography of the Caribbean, the language Punjabi and the Black pioneers. While hundreds of CRMKB CDs were sold to schools and families, work and lives took a different direction. Consequently, this meant that the series wasn’t continued, unfortunately.

Black Pioneers content

A picture of political civil rights leader and activist Martin Luther King Junior on a Black History Month digital signage slide

We’ve re-imagined the Black Pioneers from CRMKB v1 and are giving this content to the TrilbyTV community and beyond to add to your signage. The individuals featured on our slides are from all over the world, as well as a few British pioneers.

Each time the content loads you’ll see one of 40 inspirational individuals. They appear along with a brief description of their pioneering achievements. We hope this will encourage pupils to research and subsequently explore more about these key figures in global history.

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Not using TrilbyTV? Download the ‘Black Pioneers’ slides

For those of you in education that are not yet using TrilbyTV, we’ve made some of the slides available to download as a PDF. Just fill out the form below to download the slides.

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