Switching on at Plymouth College of Art

When Plymouth College of Art were looking to upgrade their digital signage they found TrilbyTV to be the perfect fit.

Head of IT, David Jones talks digital signage

On the requirements, checklist were ease of use, simple set up and affordability, TrilbyTV ticked all of these says David Jones, Head of IT.

“Of course we wanted a robust, reliable solution and TrilbyTV was cloud-based. We didn’t need to invest in any expensive local hardware which we would end up having to support and maintain.”

David and the team have installed TrilbyTV on their existing screens and playback hardware so there were no new boxes to buy, no new cables to run and the team could continue to work with what they already had on-site.

The TrilbyTV platform is accessible online, meaning anyone anywhere can update the screens. Giving management of the content to those who produce it means they are in control of what plays and when. At Plymouth, the marketing team have found TrilbyTV to be easy to use, requiring very little support. As a result, IT no longer had to update content leaving them to focus on their work. Getting started was straightforward as David explains.

“TrilbyTV came out and set up a trial for 30 days. They saw how we used signage and helped us to see how TrilbyTV would work for us.”

By requesting a free 30-day trial, TrilbyTV will provide the software,  most importantly we can also provide a player device. Therefore new users have everything they need to really try out the platform.

You can sign up today and get your free 30-day trial here, plus get a free player device for the duration of your trial. If you have any questions or would like some advice, feel free to give us a shout here.

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