Learning Online With TrilbyTV Public Links and Showbie

A teaching video from Micklefield School who use TrilbyTV Public Links and Showbie to teach children.

We’ve hit some unusual times. Our familiar routines have stopped and suddenly things that seemed so natural are now (intermittently) a thing of the past. Inevitably, most aspects of everyday life will return to normal eventually. For the time being, many schools are having to find new and innovative ways to communicate. Teachers are now assisting the next generation in their day to day learning through alternative means. Luckily we are at a privileged time where technology is king, with the power to communicate never being easier with modern-day apps like Showbie and TrilbyTV. This is exactly what Micklefield School have been doing.

A teaching video from Micklefield School who use TrilbyTV Public Links and Showbie to teach children.

The independent school based in Surrey have been using TrilbyTV since 2016 and with the current climate decided to utilise TrilbyTV’s Public Links feature.

How Micklefield are using TrilbyTV & Showbie for learning

“We’re using Showbie as our platform to deliver work. We can’t guarantee that all children will have access to devices all of the time so we have to create content that’s easily accessible when they’re able to do so,” said Head of Computing, Daniel Bracken. “We use TrilbyTV for our signage and screens around the school often, to promote clubs and other activities. We’ve used the Public Links feature for treasure hunts with QR codes around the school before. We’re now using it for teaching videos and teaching materials.”

Micklefield’s teachers have been creating teaching videos, adding them to TrilbyTV, creating a public link though the Public Links feature, then sharing them via Showbie for the children to access for learning.

It’s also not just sharing that TrilbyTV helps with, it helps with storage too as Daniel told us, “Having lots of images and files being posted up, we wanted to try and split the storage somehow and this allows us to upload larger video files.”

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But this is not the only innovative way that Micklefield is using TrilbyTV. “TrilbyTV’s going to be our main delivery vehicle for showing teaching videos, material and demonstration videos. We’re also using it for assemblies, hymn practices and messages from the headteacher. Not only does this mean that parents click on the link and view, but maintain their link with the school.”

Embracing change

It’s great to hear a positive story from a member of the TrilbyTV community, especially at a time like this. There’s plenty of negativity in the media at the moment about the changes to our lives and yes it’s tough. Nonetheless, we need to remember that many of these aspects will certainly return to the way they were before. However, our habits, the way we work and our approach to learning, may well change for the better. Don’t forget, if there’s any way that we can help you at the moment give us a shout here. Stay Safe. 🙂

Daniel Bracken talks Education Technology in an Under the Hat session

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