Daniel Bracken talks Education Technology

A picture of Micklefield school , head of computing, Daniel Braken who chats to us about education technologyEducation technology is key to helping the next generation have continued access to learning during these ‘surreal’ times. A couple of weeks ago we chatted to Daniel Bracken, Head of Computing at Micklefield School.

How Micklefield are embracing education technology

The school, based in Surrey, are using TrilbyTV’s Public Links feature to help them share video-based learning resources with children via Showbie. While we were chatting we saw the perfect opportunity to do an ‘Under the Hat’ feature!

A teaching video from Micklefield School who use TrilbyTV Public Links and Showbie to teach children.

Under the hat

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Being able to see the kids reach their full potential.”

Why is sharing and showcasing digital content important to you?

“It’s the way that the world’s going. Kids are going to have to be aware of the digital world, in many cases more than the actual world. If we can have as much input as we can at an early stage then we’re preparing them for the future.”

Why TrilbyTV?

“We were looking for a signage company for a while to link to the screens around our school and TrilbyTV was straightforward to use, it does the job and to be honest, teachers jobs are very very busy. If the system was too complicated it wouldn’t be used, so the fact that it’s easy to use and everyone can log on and upload their own material means that the workload can be shared across the school.”

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What’s been your TrilbyTV eureka moment?

“I’m in charge of creating a QR code treasure hunt across the school. I used TrilbyTV for that and we’ve had weeks where we’ve had an animal theme or amazing places around the world. We link different images and different facts and then put them around the school. The kids then walk around the school with a QR code reader, find the code and scan them. They then record the information they’re being told and then have to research more. It’s a nice way of doing a different learning experience for the kids outside of the classroom.”

What’re your future plans for growing your school’s digital signage?

At the moment we’ve got two digital signage screens, we’d like to increase that. Also we’d like to increase the amount of digital information that we can put onto TrilbyTV and link with our website.

What idea or resource are you leaving in the hat?

Just explore it! We just started with a basic QR code, stuck it in kid’s books so parents could see their digital work. We’ve evolved it to be now presenting assemblies and hymn practices using it. Just explore the features and don’t be afraid to give it a go!

Use education technology to enhance pupil’s learning.

A teaching video from Micklefield School who use TrilbyTV Public Links and Showbie to teach children.

This is a great insight into how schools can think outside of the box and can use both digital signage and other education technology options to enhance pupil’s learning experiences! To learn more about how Micklefield are using TrilbyTV click here.

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