High Definition support

We recently released some updates to TrilbyTV which offer you a new range of quality settings for your video content. 

A pixelated 480 resolution and a sharp 720 resolution

When you upload a video to TrilbyTV, we process it into a number of formats to make it suitable for viewing on the web, iPad and for playback on your TrilbyTV Player for your screens. To keep this efficient for downloading and smooth playback, we have been creating Standard Definition (SD 480p)* quality versions for your screens. Over the past few months, we’ve heard from a lot of customers who have been installing large display screens, from 9-panel video walls to 82″ TVs and cylindrical display boards, and increasingly customers have wanted their video to look better.

*480 refers to the number of pixels in the video from top to bottom. A widescreen video with a 16:9 ratio is 480 pixels high and will be 848 pixels wide – Read more on wikipedia.

When viewing on smaller screens, the lower quality is rarely noticeable from a typical signage viewing distance, however in some cases, this can be more noticeable especially when you have text-heavy content.

You can now enable your choice of video quality options in the System Dashboard for your account. By toggling the 720p, 1080p or 4K options, you will tell our systems to prepare higher quality video for playback on your signage. Once you do this, we will queue up all your content for processing so be prepared for a bit of a wait while we create these new files for you. When you turn on an option, we will give you an estimate how much storage you’ll need, so if you’re close to your limit, you may need to delete some old content to make room for the new HD versions. Or if you want to keep everything, you can purchase additional storage from us.

While we prepare your new videos, you need to tell us which devices you want to use higher quality. Go to your Player Dashboard and select one of your players. On the right, you’ll see a ‘quality option’ for the device. Due to the various amount of storage and playback ability of devices being used with TrilbyTV, you can pick the most suitable format for each screen. If you have one 4K screen and the rest are 1080p screens, we don’t need to give your 1080p screens the 4K version. Or perhaps you have a device with very little storage and it can’t fit full HD videos, so you can just choose to have 720p instead. This gives you the most flexibility to pick your requirements for each screen.

We’re excited to bring you this update and hope you enjoy your new HD screens!

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